Venezuela & ALBA News 3.15. 2024: Venezuela 2024 Presidential Election set for July 28, anniversary of Hugo Chavez’ Birthday


Granma: U.S. intelligence services operate against Cuba’s finances The maneuvers carried out to induce inflation within the Cuban market, which have been divided into four stages: shortages, induced inflation, supply boycott and financial blockade. The aims of the most recent onslaught of the CIA and associated agencies are to attack the currency, not only to generate hyperinflation, but also to contract production; to alter the distribution of goods, taking them to the informal markets at overpriced prices, and to attack the economic actions of the Cuban Government.


More Sanctions on Nicaragua Will Deepen US Migration Crisis: Interview Nicaragua Solidarity Coalition’s  Barbara Larcom and Jill Clark-Gollub Increased US economic warfare against Nicaragua will only translate into a worsening of the migration problem in the US. Barbara and Jill explained that the threat of new illegal US sanctions motivated them to launch a campaign to put pressure on US Congresspersons to oppose this strategy. They are inviting all concerned US citizens to join the campaign with their Congresspersons to prevent new illegal sanctions. The activists explained that Sandinismo has promoted people’s participation in every aspect of social life, improving people’s lives in human rights, healthcare, and gender equality, among others, and leading to an increase in infrastructure projects for citizens.


TeleSur: Venezuelan Socialists Ratify President Maduro as Candidate Over 15,800 grassroots assemblies participated in the decision and chose President Maduro as their representative for the next presidential race. Saturday’s assemblies were preceded by over 240,000 street assemblies and 46,638 community assemblies.

Orinoco Tribune: US Intelligence Recognizes President Maduro Is ‘Unlikely to Lose’ in Venezuela’s Upcoming Elections The US Office of the Director of National Intelligence anticipated that President Maduro would likely win in the presidential elections scheduled for July 28, according to its most recent “Annual Threat Assessment of the US Intelligence Community.” The report notes that the Venezuelan opposition “has frequently been divided” and holds “few public positions of influence,” something that even the most amateur analyst agrees to, irrespective of political bias.

TeleSur: Venezuelan Production Committees Defeated Imperialist Blackmail “Initially, the CLAPs were born in response to the greatest aggression that Venezuela has suffered. They have remained to guarantee our people’s food sovereignty. Long live the CLAPs!” Maduro said. “They represent the miracle of a people who decided not to yield to imperialist blackmail and who produce their own sustenance.” The government is working to strengthen the CLAPs with new and better products so as to meet the needs of over 7 million beneficiary families. Despite the U.S. blockade, the success of this social program has been decisive. Between 2017 and 2023, the nutritional deficit among the population decreased from 35% to 6%. By the end of 2024, authorities hope that 100% of the food will be met through national production.

TeleSur: Venezuela Celebrate National Anti-Imperialism Day Maduro: “Every March 9 we commemorate the Day of Bolivarian Anti-Imperialism, in tribute to the patriotism and courage of the Venezuelan people who, faced with the threat of US imperialism, maintained a position worthy of defense of national sovereignty, historical legacy of our ancestors”. The date was chosen because eight years ago, in 2015, US President Obama, signed an executive order in which declared Venezuela an “unusual and extraordinary” threat to national security and the foreign policy of the US.

RT: Boris Johnson secretly visited President Maduro The meeting came amid supposed concerns from Ukraine’s Western backers that Venezuela could supply weapons to Russia. The former prime minister spent less than 24 hours in Venezuela. The two politicians also reportedly discussed the normalization of relations between London and Caracas, the holding of free and fair presidential elections in Venezuela this year, and the dispute with Guyana, a former British colony, over a 62,000 sq-mile oil and mineral-rich area around the Essequibo River.

Al Mayadeen: Chevron seeks to drill up to 30 new wells through 2025 in Venezuela  Bloomberg reported that Chevron has resumed drilling at a major oil field just as Washington threatens to increase sanctions on the country, adding that work in the heavy crude oil zone of the Orinoco Belt has been underway since mid-February. The US-based energy company plans to boost production by 65,000 barrels of oil a day by the end of 2024, pushing its total output to 200,000 bpd in its joint venture with Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA).

Sputnik: Russia Ready to Provide Comprehensive Support to Latin American Friends – Russian Security Council Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev held security consultations with representatives of Nicaragua, Cuba, Venezuela, and Bolivia in Managua, and stated Moscow’s readiness to provide comprehensive support to Latin American friends. The US will increase pressure on several Latin American countries that do not satisfy Washington with their independence policies, Patrushev added.

Venezuelanalysis: Government Demands Compensation for Seized Airplane, Closes Airspace to Argentina Venezuela has closed its airspace to flights to and from Argentina in response to the “criminal act” committed by the Javier Milei administration in handing a Venezuelan state-owned cargo plane to the US government. On February 12, Argentinian authorities complied with a US confiscation order to transfer the aircraft to Florida after remaining grounded in Argentina for 18 months also on a US request. US officials claimed the plane’s use violated its sanctions policy against Iran and Venezuela as it had been purchased from an Iranian company. On February 28, the plane broken up into two large pieces in Florida.



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