Venezuela and ALBA Weekly 12.8.2017 UN Expert States No Humanitarian Crisis in Venezuela, but Economic War and Corruption

This weekly email contains a few useful articles on Venezuela and ALBA Countries that contain bite-sized dose of the truth so that you can fight the disinformation in your own community, that so much of the media, including alternative media are putting out.

It is AfGJ’s conviction that we in the US defend Venezuela’s sovereignty and recognize that the Bolivarian Revolution has improved the lives of its citizens, led the movement toward Latin America integration, and is building participatory democracy structures that are an example for us in the US as well. -AfGJ staff

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The News from Venezuela and Alba This Week

Featured Article: UN Expert, No Humanitarian Crisis in Venezuela

UN Expert: “I agree with the FAO and CEPAL that the so-called humanitarian crisis does not exist in Venezuela, although there are shortages, scarcity, and distribution delays,.What is important is to get to know the causes and take measures against contraband, monopolies, hoarding, corruption, manipulation of the currency and the distortions in the economy caused by an economic and financial war which includes [the effects of international] sanctions and pressure.”

US Government Praises “Human Rights Progress” in Honduras Amid Election Theft and Police Violence

Maduro Blasts Electoral Fraud in Honduras “Behind the Fraud in Honduras, is the Imperialist Government of the United States”

FAIR: Washington Post Cheerleading for Coup and Intervention in Venezuela

Bolivia’s TIPNIS Dispute: Example of How Liberal-Left Alternative Media Becomes a Conveyor Belt for US Regime Change Propaganda

Venezuela Condemns US Decision to Recognize Israel Occupied Jerusalem as its Capital

Venezuela: New National Humanized Childbirth Plan Revolutionizing Maternity Care

Bolivia Broadens Legal Access to  Abortion

Cuba: ‘World Should Pay Off Historical Debt to Palestine’

Report on Eco-Socialism Conference in Venezuela