Venezuela & ALBA News 11.3.2023: UN again condemns US Blockade of Cuba; Cuba and Nicaragua Palestine statements; US-Guyana Provocations surrounding Essequibo

UN Vote on US Blockade against Cuba

Radio Havana Cuba: Overwhelming United Nations condemnation of US blockade against Cuba 187 countries voted in favor. Countries voting for continuing the genocidal blockade against Cuba are the two Palestine genociders, the US and Israel. US puppet, Zelensky’s Ukraine abstained.

Cuba’s Report for the UN General Assembly entitled “Necessity of ending the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States of America against Cuba” A detailed study of the effects of the blockade on the Cuban people, the US laws enforcing it, the impact of Cuba added to the US state sponsors of terrorism list…

Solidarity with Palestine

Cuba President Diaz-Canel: Cuba will not accept ignoring genocide against Palestinians More than 3,000 children and 1,700 women have been killed in recent weeks, while thousands of people remain trapped under the rubble, waiting for rescuers to come and save or bury them. More than 40% of Gaza’s homes have been destroyed and hospitals have been turned into morgues. We also share the pain for the suffering of the Israeli civilian victims of the conflict, but we do not accept a certain selective indignation that pretends to ignore the seriousness of the genocide that is being perpetrated today against the Palestinians, presenting the Israeli side as the victim and ignoring 75 years of attacks, occupation, abuses and exclusion. Even at the present grave juncture, the Security Council has not been able to call on Israel to stop the ongoing massacre. The position of the U.S. government, which has historically acted as an accomplice of Zionist barbarism by repeatedly obstructing Security Council action on Palestine, undermining peace and stability in the Middle East with its offensive exercise of the veto, is not surprising.

Nicaragua Statement on Palestine and Condemnation of UN Security Council It is reprehensible that this body did not adopt a simple humanitarian resolution urgently demanding a cease-fire, with access to and provision of humanitarian assistance. Nicaragua…  have always supported the just cause of the Palestinian people, it is a matter of principle, of solidarity between brothers and sisters in struggle, and together with the rest of the international community we consider it necessary to intensify international efforts in the search for a definitive and peaceful solution that culminates in the realization of the Palestinian State.

Growing US-Guyana Provocations against Venezuela Surrounding Essequibo

Orinoco Tribune: Venezuela’s Vice President Calls Out President of Guyana for Beating Drums of War VP Delcy Rodriguez said the Guyana president turned his back on the negotiations mandated by the 1966 Geneva Agreement on the Essequibo territorial dispute. Instead he is following the plan made by ExxonMobil to sow confrontation between Venezuela and Guyana. Guyana is disposing of the Essequibo territory to multinational oil corporations. “They have already set up this farce to declare that Guyana is the owner of that territory.” She criticized the government of Guyana for granting concessions and bidding oil blocks in the disputed territorial waters and for handing over those areas to US-based transnational oil companies, “especially to ExxonMobil.”

Rodríguez stated that the president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, has been in contact with leaders of the region, reiterating his call for dialogue and proposing meetings with his Guyanese counterpart. “And [Guyana] President Irfaan Ali’s response is beating the drums of war. We are not going to fall into the provocation of his master, ExxonMobil,” she said. Venezuela accused Guyana of implementing “a reckless policy of association with the US Southern Command for the deployment of unauthorized military exercises in the area,” which from the Venezuelan point of view represents “the greatest threat to peace and stability in the Caribbean region.” Commenting the Foreign Ministry’s statement, Venezuelan Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino López warned the Guyanese government that such actions “will have a forceful and proportional response from Venezuela.”

Orinoco Tribune: US Military Southern Command Strengthens Role in Guyana The US appointed Nicole Theriot as its new ambassador to Guyana. It was striking that the welcome to the country was presented by General Laura Richardson, who has served as commander for the US Southern Command since October 29, 2021.

Orinoco Tribune: President Maduro to Guyana After Oil Companies Drill in Disputed Waters: ‘You Are Messing with a Nation of Anti-Imperialists’ President Maduro countered the bellicose position of his Guyana counterpart Irfaan Ali who expressed his intention to cede oil concessions in disputed waters to transnational companies. “The government of Guyana has taken the path of escalating war, of provocation, of illegality,” said President Maduro in a televised statement. “From Venezuela, we tell you: Venezuela will not allow offenses, it will not fall into provocations. Mr. President of Guyana: you are messing with a nation of liberators, anti-imperialists, of people of dignity who know how to defend ourselves.”

Ultima Noticias: Venezuela rejects Almagro’s provocations about Guayana Esequiba Foreign Minister Gil stated Almagro’s opinion “corresponds to a shameful line of provocation that attempts to destabilize the region, dictated by ExxonMobil, and accompanied by the United States Southern Command.” Delcy Rodriguez added, “Guyana’s attempts to threaten Venezuela with the discredited OAS will be met with the fierce rejection of the Venezuelan people.”

Resusmen Latinoamericano: Bolivia Breaks-off Diplomatic Relations with Israel for ‘Crimes against Humanity’ “We are going to refer to the crimes against humanity being committed in the Gaza Strip against the Palestinian people. “The Plurinational State of Bolivia demands the cessation of the attacks in the Gaza Strip that has caused thousands of victims and the forced displacement of Palestinians throughout Gaza. The Bolivian government also called for the the immediate cessation of the blockade that prevents the entry of food and water”, said Mamani.


One Million Signatures to Take Cuba off the US List of State Sponsors of Terror Sign on now if you haven’t done so. Cuba is on the US list, Israel is not.

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November 16-17: International Tribunal on the Blockade of Cuba in Brussels

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