Venezuela & ALBA Weekly 12.18.2020 Ecuador presidential election; Different analyses of Venezuelan election

A New World Is Possible: Combating COVID-19

Total COVID deaths                                   Deaths per million

         (up to 12-4-2020/ up to 12-18)              (up to 12-4-2020/ up to 12-18)

Cuba           136                   137                                 12            12

Venezuela   909                    975                                32            34

Nicaragua  161                    163                                 24            24


US             283,000              319,000                        852            959

US deaths in last two weeks: 36,00

IndyBay: Ecuador: Popular Progressive Alliance Wins Election Certification The pro-Correa party in the leader in polls for the February 7 election. There has been more than three years of daily propaganda against Correa by all major media outlets, private and public. There have been legal prosecutions against Correa, including a controvercial conviction. On the other hand, Correa remains a hero and a champion of the poor to many, who see President Moreno as a traitor to their cause.

COHA webinar video with Steve Ellner on Venezuela election Particularly worthwhile Ellner presentation starts about minute 18. Also Margaret Flowers and Danny Shaw.

The Grayzone: Max Blumenthal interviews Rafael Correa on Venezuela, Assange, Ecuador

Vijay Prashad: Even the opposition believes Venezuela’s election was legitimate While the US and the European Union have declared Venezuela’s election fraudulent, the two main opposition parties, AD and COPEI, hardly agree.

Fred Fuentes: Venezuela: Socialist election win masks deeper problems

Resumen Latinoamericano: Venezuela: Hilarious Headlines Reveal Hypocrisy of US Regime-Change Aspirations  This year, however, there is another layer of hypocrisy at play. At the very same time as the US is denouncing an alleged breakdown in democracy in Venezuela as part of a transparent coup strategy, the current administration in Washington is attempting to undermine the result of its country’s own presidential election.

Media claimed that low voter turnout in Venezuela signaled the decline of Chavista support. Yet Romania held parliamentary elections on the very same day as Venezuela, and recorded a lower voter turnout. Turnout hit a record low in Jordan’s parliamentary elections held earlier in November. Fear of the pandemic played an obvious role in all cases.

Peoples Dispatch: Elections and building socialism under US warfare: A Venezuelan perspective  Hernán Vargas of the Movimiento de Pobladores y Pobladoras discusses the legislative elections in Venezuela held on December 6 and what they mean for politics in the country

PSL(Teresa Paez): Results of Venezuela’s election to echo around the world Venezuela has become a key focal point in the broader struggle over whether the people or the elites will rule in Latin America, and over whether the United States will retain its position of dominance over global economic and diplomatic affairs. China has developed a long-term political and economic relationship with Venezuela based on mutual respect for sovereignty and independence. In 2018, Chinese president Xi Jinping and Maduro signed several political, economic and cultural agreements to improve development in the country. China-Venezuela political relations are a threat to the dominance of U.S. banks and corporations in the region. Iran too has emerged as a key ally of Venezuela. Earlier this year, Iran defied U.S. military threats and sent  shipments of fuel and supplies to support restarting refineries in Venezuela.

Ultima Noticias: Gran Misión Vivienda Venezuela completes housing unit 3,327,682 Barrio Nuevo Barrio Tricolor mission has rehabilitated the home 1.498.355 and the National Land Institute Urbanas has delivered 1.100.291 urban land titles.

Cuba Money Project:The “democracy” business in Cuba is bustling An indepth look at US funding Cuban regime change. At least 54 groups have operated USAID- or National Endowment for Democracy-funded Cuba programs since around the time Trump took office. USAID expects to pay these groups $67,020,757.

Internationalist360: Nicaragua: Tangible Transformations Nicaragua is a living example of the implementation of two antagonistic models: the neoliberal (1990-2007) and the Sandinista (2007-today). in 2007 the Central American country was the one with the highest poverty and extreme poverty rates, illiteracy, the highest social inequality, the least access to culture or sports, the country with the lowest rates of patent registration, oligopolies that prevented economic growth.

From 2007 with the arrival of Sandinismo again, an opposite model was applied and the transformations are tangible: public investment was increased, in health, education, culture, and sports, benefiting the entire population free of charge, in a scenario of consensus with small, medium, and large producers and investors, putting into practice a development model that is based on effective public policies: recognition, incentive and redistribution, of alternative growth, the growth of small producers.

NicaNotes: Infrastructure Advances Improve Lives of All Nicaraguans President Ortega: the US “is conspiring, looking for ways to bring together all the terrorists, the coup-plotters, those who brutally murdered and burned [Sandinistas] in April 2018, giving them money [Since 2017, USAID has provided the Nicaraguan opposition with more than US$102 million], and trying to unite them so that in the 2021 elections they can put a president in who will be at their service, down on their knees, in the face of imperialist policy….We are facing a country that has been unmasking itself before the world. They want to give democracy lessons in all parts of the world, to decide which party should win in all parts of the world. They should look in their own mirror, there [in the US] they are fighting among themselves and accusing each other of fraud (…) They are shameless. With what authority do they decide which elections in other countries are democratic? We have never harmed the United States, but the Yankees and some European powers feel they have the right to treat us as if we were a colony. Sandino’s killers are in the north, they are still in the north.”

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December 20: The Venezuelan Election, a blow to US Imperialism Hear from Margaret Flowers, Vijay Prashad, Bahman Azad, Zoe PC, who observed the elections as election observers and journalists.

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