Venezuela & ALBA News 12.15.2023: Venezuela and Guyana Meet to Resolve Essequibo controversy; Nicaragua Puts People First: Latin America Solidarity with Palestine; Delegations to Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela


Reuters: Venezuela to receive 27% more income from PDVSA after sanctions easing The administration of President Nicolas Maduro estimates that its total spending next year will be equivalent to $20.5 billion. The budget, which would mark a 39% increase on 2023 spending, will be debated in the ruling party-allied legislature and is likely to be approved.  More than 77% of the 2024 budget will go to social investment. Oil output averaged 800,000 barrels per day this year, according to OPEC.

Ultima Noticias: Venezuela and Guyana agree to resolve controversy over the Geneva Agreement The presidents of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, and of Guyana, Mohamed Irfaan Ali, after their meeting. expressed willingness to maintain talks to seek a solution to the controversy over the Essequibo territory. In an eleven-point document, both governments committed to maintaining future meetings and peace over the controversy.

TeleSur: Guayana Esequiba: Geo-Economics of an Occupation “It is Exxon Mobil and the Southern Command that are trying to take the sea that belongs to Venezuela”, President Maduro pointed out. An air of bonanza has raised the projections of the Exxon Mobil corporation, which accumulated around $414 billion in 2022, an unprecedented income in its history, more than nts 44.8% than the previous year. According to President Maduro, “…more than Guyana, it is Exxon Mobil and the Southern Command that are trying to take the sea that belongs to Venezuela,”, hence his call for dialogue with the neighboring country.

Pastors for Peace: Free Alex Saab, End Sanctions Now! The imprisonment of a diplomat seeking life-saving interventions for the people of his nation is not only both morally repugnant, but is a violation of international law, the International Declaration on Human Rights, the principles and precepts of every major religion and faith community, and of common decency. Furthermore, the UN has officially denounced the case and requested the US government to drop charges against this diplomat.


NicaNotes: Putting people first Nicaragua has been developing a free family and community model of healthcare with an emphasis on prevention since the Sandinistas returned to power in 2007. They have an extensive community network that makes use of volunteer “brigadistas” to reach out into the community, particularly the rural areas. The brigadistas play a central role in the delivery of healthcare in Nicaragua, reaching out into the community and make sure that there are no obstacles to anyone getting healthcare. This is really important when, like Nicaragua, your economy is mainly rural. In Nicaragua all women are brought into hospital or a maternity waiting home two weeks before their due date to await birth. This is completely free for all their transport, bed, food and healthcare.” After the birth women can stay in hospital with their children, “for usually two days after the birth before being transported home,” Lazo said.

There were no lockdowns during the pandemic in Nicaragua. The economy remained open. There was no official mask wearing policy, save for people with respiratory conditions or people providing care to patients, though most did. Nicaragua had one of the lowest Covid death rates per 100,000 population in the world. The World Health Organisation and Oxford University both reported a rate of just 189, compared with 276 for the UK and 374 for the US.

Latin America Solidarity with Palestine

Resumen Latinoamericano: Latin America and the Caribbean Stand with Palestine: Israel Viewed as a US Proxy The countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, with a few notable exceptions, have been critical of Israel’s ongoing campaign of genocide in Gaza. Perhaps more than any other region, they have expressed their solidarity with Palestine. Most recognize that the partnership between US imperialism and Israeli Zionism applies not only to Palestine, but also to Israel’s role as attendant to US domination in this hemisphere. Except for Panama, almost all of the region’s states recognize Palestine. Brazil, Colombia, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, and Venezuela all have sent aid to Gaza. Even Argentina, with the largest Jewish population in the region, censured Israel over its violations of international law when hostilities first flared up. Samuel Moncada, Venezuela’s UN ambassador, addressed the General Assembly on November 23: “It is repugnant to see how, despite the cruelty…the government of the United States of America and its satellites aim to justify the unjustifiable.” Cuba and Iran called for a global coalition to protect the rights of Palestinians on December 4, noting that the world community has failed to stop the US-backed genocide. On December 12, the United Nations General Assembly voted on a ceasefire in Gaza. Only Guatemala and Paraguay in Latin America voted “nay,” joining the US and Israel, while Uruguay, Argentina, and Panama abstained. The rest of the region united with the world super majority of 153 nations supporting the resolution.

Granma: demonstrations in Cuba call for an end to the massacre in Gaza and Sanctus Spiritus, Havana, Holguin


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Upcoming Delegations to Nicaragua, Cuba, Venezuela

Nicaragua Casa Ben Linder 2024 delegations:

February 10-19: The Bird Brigade: Birding in Solentiname Arquipelago
March 2-10: Sindicatos & Solidaridad: Labor Movements in Nicaragua. Meet with unions and labor activists in all sectors from teachers to motorcycle taxis; Tour new hospitals & maternal wait homes with health care workers unions; Visit unionized street vendors at work; a free trade zone factory & meet with unionized workers; low-income housing projects; a women’s coffee co-op; a women’s police station
July 9-21: Solidarity in Action: Celebrating 45 Years of Revolution in Nicaragua
November 8-17 2024: Salud & Solidaridad: Hands-On Healthcare in Nicaragua  

April 9-19: Venezuela: Celebrating Popular Sovereignty and Power

April 25- May 4/ or May 8: Celebrating Labor and May Day in Cuba

Cuba April 27 – May 11 Che Guevara Work Brigade

Cuba: Upcoming delegations and trips to Cuba: IFCO/Pastors for Peace 32nd Friendshipment Brigade; Venceremos Brigade; International May Day Brigade

June 14-23 Witness for Peace: Cuba Art and Revolution


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