Venezuela & ALBA News 12.30.2023: Israel a Terrorist State – Cuba; President Maduro Interviews Alex Saab; Action to Free Julian Assange

Al Mayadeen: Cuba President Diaz-Canel denounces “terrorist state of Israel” Cuban President Diaz-Canel denounced the “terrorist State of Israel” as it continues to commit atrocities in the Gaza Strip, which he considered a “humiliation for all humanity. How long will there be impunity, how long will there be freedom to murder?” This comes after several statements made by Cuba regarding developments in Palestine, stressing that Operation Al Aqsa Flood is the result of 75 years of occupation and not an act of “terrorism” as the Israeli occupation paints it to be. The Cuban Parliament condemned “the killing of thousands of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, more than 70% of them children and women, as a result of the indiscriminate bombardments carried out by Israel since October 7. The current situation is the result of 75 years of Israeli practices of illegal occupation and colonization in flagrant violation of the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people in their own land.”

Al Mayadeen: Cuban Parliament approves declaration in solidarity with Palestine The Cuban Parliament unanimously condemned the genocide against the Palestinian people, highlighting the failure of the current international system to stop the Israeli massacres against the Palestinian people. The statement declares solidarity with the Palestinian people and condemns the crimes of the Israel. It condemned the attacks carried out by the occupation against hospitals, schools, refugee camps, the United Nations’ Centers, buildings, homes, and other civilian infrastructure, in addition to depriving the Gaza Strip of water, food, electricity, and preventing the arrival of humanitarian aid.

Nicaragua’s Statement at Conference on Palestine 2. Humanity continues to be outraged and stupefied at the inhuman aggressions, genocide and serious war crimes committed by the Zionist State against the Palestinian population in Gaza and the West Bank, endangering Regional and Global Security and Peace.

  1. Failure to comply with the limited ceasefire, the Zionist Government of Israel continues its aggressive attacks, violating the entire system and the International Legal Institutionality, trying to exterminate the Palestinian people in their historical and legitimate territories occupied and divided by the Israeli apartheid Government, disrupting vital infrastructure, with massive and forced displacements and actions to destroy and exterminate the people and homeland of Palestine in its atrocious scorched earth war without quarter.
  2. The Government of Israel is becoming a State that is incompatible with the community of States that make up the United Nations. 10. Those responsible for so much barbarism must answer to the world and the human family for their crimes.


Ultima Noticias: President Maduro TV  interview with Alex Saab about the tortures he suffered in prison Saab recounts the details of his seizure in Cape Verde, and then tells of the five different tortures used on him. Saab also explains the type of information they were trying to beat out of him – about how  fuel and food reached Venezuela, so the US could cut it off. See part of the interview translated into English here.

TeleSur: Venezuela To Deploy Defensive Action in Response to British Threat President Maduro ordered the deployment of a joint military exercise to protect the country’s territorial integrity in response to the Britain’s threat with the arrival of the warship HMS Trent off the coast of Guyana. The acceptance of the British ship by the Guyanese government “is a breach of the Argyle Agreements,” which were signed on Dec. 14 and assumed as a roadmap to resolve the territorial dispute over the Essequibo between Venezuela and Guyana.

Orinoco Tribune: Government of Venezuela Distributes 13.5 Million Toys for Christmas Vice President Delcy Rodríguez pointed out that President Maduro, guarantees the delivery of toys to children every year. “Even in the midst of the worst crisis, the president tried to provide a moment of happiness despite the difficulties,” she said. The vice president added that the entire government made efforts to ensure the distribution of toys to children throughout the country.

VenezuelAnalysis: Venezuelan Children under the US Blockade (interview) To raise awareness about the condition of Venezuela’s children, Anahi Arizmendi, a journalist and human rights advocate, has written the new book Infancia Bajo Asedio [Children Under Siege]. “There has been a deliberate effort to downplay the consequences of the coercive measures in both mainstream media and from the political Right. My second aim is to illustrate how the blockade has affected the lives of children and adolescents. The book provides much quantitative and qualitative evidence. Of the world population, 28% live under a sanctions regime. Cuba has been under siege for 64 years, but there are 30 other countries “sanctioned” by the US. The US-EU blockade of Venezuela caused a surge in childhood malnutrition and undernourishment was evident through 2019. Over the 2015 to 2019 period, access to cereal and milk – critical for a child’s development – was hindered, while protein intake was reduced. Additionally, the coercive measures took a toll on the School Lunch Program. The coercive measures also brought important setbacks in combating maternal mortality, but Venezuelans didn’t sit idle, and women especially fought back.

Take Action to Free Julian Assange

Now is the time to contact your Congressperson Re: Julian Assange. Major developments in the case Julian Assange and Wikileaks made invaluable contributions to exposing US operations in Latin America. See The WikiLeaks Files: The World According to US Empire. There are now some major developments in the case, including House Resolution.934. We ask you to email your Congressperson to sign on to this resolution.

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