Venezuela & ALBA News 10.27.2023: Cuba and Venezuela call on UN to stop Israeli massacres; US lessens economic war on Venezuela; Sandinista Nicaragua films

Cuba and Venezuela updates on Israeli War on Palestinians

TeleSur: Cuba Blames the US for Israeli Impunity in Gaza Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez stated the current situation is the result of 75 years of illegal occupation, violations of the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people in their own territory, and Israel’s aggressive and expansionist policies. He called for a reform of the UN Security Council to make it more democratic and representative of the diversity of nations.

TeleSur: Cuban Foreign Affairs Minister Bruno Rodriguez: UN Security Council is Incapable of Stopping the Genocide in Palestine “Once more, the UNSC has proven its incapacity to halt the massacre against the Palestinian people.” The US presented a proposal that “deliberately omitted the call for a ceasefire and the necessity to halt the bloodshed, protect civilians, and stop forced displacements.” The US was the sole country to veto a resolution presented by Brazil, which called for establishing humanitarian pauses in Gaza and revoking Israel’s order for the evacuation of civilians and UN personnel. Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel expressed his solidarity with the Palestinian people by condemning “the genocide carried out by Israel.” He said it is “a shame for humanity that must stop.” 

PrensaLatina: Cuba to demand at the UN an end to the Israeli massacre in Palestine Speech by Cuban Ambassador to UN Gerardo Peñalver Portal. “It is imperative to avoid the forced displacement of Palestinians from the land that rightfully belongs to them. Cuba reiterates its deep concern about the escalation of violence on the ground, a consequence of 75 years of Israeli practices of illegal occupation and colonization, in flagrant violation of the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people in their own territory. Cuba reiterates its invariable solidarity with the Palestinian and Arab cause. We condemn, in the strongest terms, the killings of civilians, especially women, children and United Nations humanitarian workers; the indiscriminate bombings against the population in Gaza and the destruction of homes, hospitals and civil infrastructure.”

Mondoweiss: A Growing Number of Reports Indicate Israeli Forces also Responsible for Israeli Civilian and Military Deaths Following October 7 Attack  News we are not told: reports are beginning to appear, including documentation of the killing of Israelis by Palestinian fighters, but there are a growing number of reports that indicate the Israeli military was also responsible for Israeli civilian and military deaths on October 7 and the days after.

Al Mayadeen: President Maduro: All Christians should stand up against Palestinian genocide “I ask my Christian brothers and sisters in the Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church, in Venezuela and all over the world, to raise their voices and stand against liquidating the people of Gaza and the Palestinian people. The genocide must stop, and a global conference must be held as soon as possible to restore the rights of the Palestinian people to peace, land, independence, and their own state.”


Orinoco Tribune: Washington’s OFAC Licenses Prevent CITGO’s Auction Vice Minister for Anti-Blockade Policies William Castillo the US Dept of Treasury’s decision regarding sanctions against Venezuelan oil, the auction of the Venezuelan company CITGO planned for 2024 has been prevented. Regarding the cessation of some coercive measures against the Venezuelan oil and gas sector, the decision opens the doors to new investments and the expansion of some that already exist. In addition, the US lifted the blockade on the Central Bank of Venezuela and the Bank of Venezuela, allowing these institutions to function as operators and financial intermediaries for oil and gas industry operations.

Orinoco Tribune: China Calls for Complete Lifting of US Empire’s Illegal Sanctions Against Venezuela China has celebrated “the resumption of political dialogue in Venezuela” and asked the US empire to completely eliminate the unilateral and illegal sanctions it currently holds against Venezuela, following Washington’s announcement regarding the temporary lifting of a number of the unilateral coercive measures that had been imposed on it.

Carlos Ron: The Continuous Political and Military Threats Against Fair Multipolarity: A View From Venezuela US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan’s speech to the Brookings Institute recognized signs of the decline of US economic leadership: growing inequality, economic stagnation, and US losing supremacy in key technological sectors. This article looks at how the US rulers seek to restore their dominance, and the role Venezuela and oil and oil in the Guyana-Venezuela disputed territory of Essequibo play in this.

Venezuelanalysis: A War Without Bombs: The Social, Political and Economic Impact of Sanctions Against Venezuela pdf A booklet you can download explaining the US economic warfare against Venezuela and how it caused economic dislocation, and how the country has defended itself.

US Political Prisoner Venezuela diplomat Alex Saab

Code Pink’s Medea Benjamin reveals details of the visit to diplomat Alex Saab The activist and founder of the CodePink women’s group stated that the Venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab, kidnapped by the United States (USA), “has a commitment to himself, to his dignity, to his honor and his major commitment is with the Venezuelan people.”


Nicaragua Solidarity Coalition: Documentaries and Movies on Sandinista Nicaragua Films on Sandino, Nicaragua in the 1980s. and Sandinista Nicaragua since 2007.


One Million Signatures to Take Cuba off the US List of State Sponsors of Terror Sign on now if you haven’t done so. Cuba is on the US list, Israel is not.

September 23 – November 18: virtual course, Ben Linder Solidarity School,  9 week class (two hours a week) Topics include: Nicaragua and the Sandinista Revolution; History and current context of Latin America and US imperialism; ATC and peasant organizations / social movements; Food Sovereignty and Agroecology; Solidarity and Internationalism.

Belly of the Beast’s Cuban journalist Liz Oliva Fernández on October-November national tour  See The War on Cuba

October 19-November 9: Virtual Course and Film Festival on Indigenous and Afro-descendant People’s Rights This four-part course will take place over zoom from October 19-November 9, and is free of charge. We will hear from Indigenous and Black activists in Nicaragua and the Americas, learn about Nicaragua’s two Autonomous Regions, and see beautiful films about the culture and landscape of these Regions. Watch for notices with details about how to register, or check the websites and for details about how to join!

October 28: Times Square, NYC. Protest US Blockade of Cuba

November 16-17: International Tribunal on the Blockade of Cuba in Brussels

January 27, 2024: Latin America conference in London 18th annual conference in solidarity with Latin American progressive movements.

Upcoming Delegations to Nicaragua, Bolivia, Cuba, Venezuela

Upcoming Witness for Peace delegations to Cuba
Casa Ben Linder Nicaragua delegations: January 6-14, January 20-February 1, and February 10-19
April 9-19: Venezuela: Celebrating Popular Sovereignty and Power

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