Webinar Recording: Nicaragua Elections Reportback featuring on-the-ground electoral observers

Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign Action Group 

& Alliance for Global Justice

invite you to a webinar in response to Nicaragua’s 2021 Elections

View the Webinar on YouTube Here


Featuring: Many persons from the US and beyond who accompanied the Nicaragua elections and saw firsthand what really took place.

In this 90-minute webinar, you’ll see photos and hear firsthand observations from among the 200+ internationals who recently accompanied the Nicaraguan elections in all parts of the country.  The Nicaraguan people have just chosen their national and regional leaders for the next 5 years – President and Vice President, and deputies to the National Assembly and the Central American Parliament.  Join us to learn more about the impressive turnout of voters, the candidates and parties to choose from, and the steps taken to assure a free and fair election – in stark contrast to claims by the US government.

Nicaraguans waiting in line to vote on Nov. 7.


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Alliance for Global Justice

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Claudia Jones School for Political Education


Fire This Time Movement for Social Justice – Canada

Friends of Latin America

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