Webinar: Venezuela Votes in Defiance of US Calls for Election Boycott: The Meaning of the Results

Join us for analysis of the December 6th election results for the Venezuelan National Assembly by two on-the-ground observers: Jesus Rodriguez Espinoza, editor of Orinoco Tribune in Caracas, and Venezuelan-American activist William Camacaro from Valencia, Venezuela. Jesus is the former Venezuelan Consul General to Chicago. William is with the Alberto Lovera Bolivarian Circle of New York and has led many solidarity delegations to Venezuela and elsewhere in Latin America.

Tuesday, December 8, 7 pm ET /4 pm PT – in English.

These two longtime activists in Venezuela will give their understanding of voter turnout and vote totals for the Venezuela National Assembly. The vote results will reflect the people’s views on the US blockade, the Venezuelan government’s handling of the problems that the blockade created, and the population’s view of the Chavista bloc and the opposition bloc.