Worker to Worker Solidarity Campaign

The Worker to Worker Solidarity Campaign (WWSC) supports internationalist, mutual solidarity between workers and unions across the planet. Only by standing together can we confront and defeat transnational capitalism and militarism, and help create a more just, peaceful, and beautiful world. As a US-based campaign of the Alliance for Global Justice (AfGJ), we are part of the movement to change how US labor conducts its foreign relations. We believe that direct worker to worker, farmer to farmer, union to union, and popular movement to popular movement solidarity is the only way to go! The traditional model of Labor dependency on US government funding and direction undermines workers’ struggles and puts our achievements at risk. It exploits Labor’s international relations to open way for US government interference in the electoral affairs of other countries, thus undermining workers’ and farmers’ interests. Worker to worker internationalism is the road we must take if we truly want peace, justice, and a fair shake for all laborers, both in factory and field.

The WWSC prioritizes solidarity efforts with unions and labor movements that are: 1) targeted for repression by US government and/or transnational corporate policies and activities; 2) seeking political and economic liberation from such policies; and, 3) not yet receiving the full measure of solidarity needed from US labor and popular movements. For instance, the US sponsored a coup in Haiti in 2004 that lead to the brutal persecution of the Confederation of Hatian Workers (CTH) at a time the federation was receiving no support from US labor. The WWSC (then called the Campaign for Labor Rights) began a solidarity campaign that helped publicize and change this situation. Also, in 2004 and 2005, we coordinated support for the Build Unity and Trust Among Workers Worldwide resolution to the AFL-CIO convention, a resolution that would have changed how the AFL-CIO conducts its international work. While the resolution failed, it did much to expose abuses and to advance the ongoing movement concerning this issue. We also co-sponsored a tour of a Venezuelan unionist that helped bring to light how the US had used labor channels to funnel monies to coup plotters trying to overthrow Venezuela’s elected government. The WWSC and AfGJ have an especially close relationship with Colombia’s National Unitary Federation of Agricultural Workers (FENSUAGRO). Fensuagro is the most repressed labor organization in Colombia and possibly the world. We have been part of notable successes in building awareness in the US of their struggles, having brought their leadership on a tour of the US, including participation in the Labor Notes conference in 2016, and helping them secure and build important relationships with US labor organizations. We are undertaking similar efforts regarding teachers’ unions in Mexico. Last year over 70% of human rights abuses in Mexico, as recorded by the Comité Cerezo, were against members and supporters of teachers’ unions and popular education movement activists.

For more information, send an email to or call 520-540-8336, ext. 3