Venezuela & ALBA News 4.8.2022: Political Prisoner Alex Saab case in Court; Venezuela Economy Expected to Grow 20% in 2022

Free Alex Saab Case
Venezuelanalysis: Alex Saab’s Lawyers Demand US Courts Uphold Diplomatic Immunity, Warn of ‘Dangerous’ Precedent As part of the defense argument, his lawyer David Rivkin asserted that Saab’s case could set a “dangerous” precedent for international diplomacy. “This is essential. If the US violates the diplomatic immunity of ambassadors and special envoys from other countries, I guarantee that someone will do the same to American diplomats.” The Nicolás Maduro government has likewise reiterated that Saab is a trusted business ally and was given diplomatic immunity to help secure essential imports amidst US sanctions, playing a critical role in trade agreements between Iran and Venezuela. Caracas has repeatedly accused Washington of “kidnapping” the Venezuelan envoy in a politically motivated case.

UltimaNoticias: President of National Assembly Jorge Rodríguez: Alex Saab helped overcome the most brutal attack the country suffered Rodríguez emphasized the inviolability of the condition of a diplomatic agent like Alex Saab, since he insisted on describing the actions against him as an “act of immeasurable hypocrisy…We know of drug traffickers who have their farms in Colombia next to DEA headquarters, we know of arms traffickers who enjoy the protection of countries of the so-called international community. We know that there is a convention that allows diplomatic relations to exist, that the representation of the countries exists and is respected since the birth of diplomacy between States, even in war situations, the condition of a diplomat is respected…Saab’s mission was to bring food and medicine to the Venezuelan people. There are so many arms and drug traffickers that some are even presidents and vice presidents of countries that serve the empire. This is the real reason for the cruelty against Álex Saab…Because of people like Alex Saab and all those workers who lent their good offices so that the people of Venezuela could receive medicines and food, vaccines and supplies against covid-19, at this moment we can say that we managed to defeat the most brutal aggression that it has ever received. the people of Venezuela.”


Multipolarista: Venezuela’s economy will grow 20% in 2022, despite illegal US sanctions, predicts Western bank Major Switzerland-based bank Credit Suisse forecasts Venezuela’s GDP growth to be 20% in 2022 and 8% in 2023. This is despite an illegal US blockade, which starved the government of 99% of its revenue. Credit Suisse said its forecast “is largely based on the expectation that [Venezuela’s] oil GDP will rise more than 20%.”

UltimaNoticias: Venezuela registers monthly inflation of 1.4% in March Venezuela registered a monthly inflation of 1.4% in March, the lowest figure since August 2012 when it was 1,1%, the Central Bank (BCV) reported on Wednesday, when it was 1.1%. According to the BCV report, the lowest price variation in a decade was recorded, after the 2.9% reached in February.

Fundraiser for Documentary – ‘Venezuela: The Cost of Challenging an Empire’ A documentary about the political process of Venezuela, that discusses the human cost of the US’s economic war on the country.


Cuba Ministry of Foreign Relations: Cuba warns of the dangers threatening humanity from U.S. maneuvers at the United Nations The Permanent Representative of Cuba to the United Nations, Ambassador Pedro Luis Pedroso Cuesta, warned about the dangers imposed by the use of the suspension mechanism. Today it is Russia, but tomorrow it could be any of our countries, particularly nations of the South that do not bow to the interests of domination and staunchly defend their independence.

Friends of Socialist China: Cuban Ambassador to China, Carlos Miguel Pereira Hernández: Cuba and China are united in the struggle for peace and socialism Ambassador Pereira discusses the nature of Marxism as a living science as opposed to a dogma; about the cruel blockade imposed by the US on Cuba, the aim of which is to destroy the viability of the socialist system; and about the importance of the Cuba-China relationship.


TortillaconSal: Law professor questions UN Human Rights Council decision on Nicaragua The UNHRC approved a decision to set up a group of three experts to investigate possible human rights violations in Nicaragua since April 2018. “When we refer to legitimacy, we are talking about something systematic, that is, countries regulate themselves so that international relations are rational and consensual, but above all, UN experts ensure that the principles are applied to all cities, not just a few,” Leonardo González explained. Gonzalez described this agenda as colonial, adding that it was a strategy to discredit left-wing governments in the region.

Kawshachun News: Women and the Sandinista Revolution: Interview with National Assembly Deputy Irma Dávila “Today, women have access to health care, which is one of the most sensitive issues. Nicaragua has reduced maternal mortality, maternal and infant mortality via our community and family health model. We have maternal shelters in all the country’s municipalities where the mother and their newborn are cared for by medical specialists during childbirth. Today, we have access to education; women have access to all the educational modalities they were previously denied…This government delivers 1,200,000 meals daily to all schools, to the countryside and in the city. They also receive healthcare in schools. At child development centers, the CDIs, women can drop off children to be looked after and educated so that women can work with peace of mind with a model that comprises all issues of food, health and education. Education here is totally free and children receive shoes, notebooks, backpacks, pencils, crayons, the supplies they need to perform their schoolwork.”


PrensaLatina: Obstacles in trial of former de facto president in Bolivia denounced The leader of the Association of Victims of the Senkata Massacre in Bolivia, Gloria Quisbeth deplored the stalling of a trial of former de facto President Jeanine Añez. “So far, she is not being tried for the deaths during her government,” the activist said regarding the violence unleashed in November 2019, with an outcome of nearly 40 deaths and hundreds of people wounded. “There is no trial of responsibilities, there are no suspects, no detainees, and those responsible for the deaths have not been identified.”


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