Venezuela & ALBA News 4.22.2022: Delcy Rodriguez and Cubainformacion on NATO and Ukraine war


CubaInformacion: Ukraine: Ministry of Truth  (English subtitles appear after about 30 seconds. And best to watch this at .75 speed). Regarding the war in Ukraine, the Western media and governments forbid us to read any other book than the one written by NATO. We are living a pure McCarthyism. A Global Dictatorship. Against which it will be essential to organize resistance.

Kawsachun News: Delcy Rodríguez on NATO’s Role in World Conflict The current crisis between Russia and Ukraine is a clear example of accumulated stealthy provocations that have broken the equilibrium between nuclear powers. China’s Foreign Minister rightly said that a lake does not freeze over in a day. Guarantees have been deliberately disregarded for NATO to stop moving towards the borders of one of the parties to the conflict with its nuclear warheads, sacrificing not only the people of Ukraine, but also the peoples of Europe and the world in general. They will be significantly harmed by the effect of the economic war imposed against Russia. If the Minsk agreements and the founding act of Cooperation and Security between NATO and Russia in 1997 had been respected, we would not be in these hours of danger and concern for humanity. Venezuela joins the voices calling for a peaceful and dialogued solution to this conflict. Avoiding suffering to the peoples of the parties involved is an imperative necessity.

Maria Paez Victor: Heroic Venezuela Venezuela represents  the  road to a multiplural world in which nations reject tutelage of any sort, particularly from USA imperialism that has caused so much harm and misery especially in the countries of the South, particularly Latin America. But the wheel of history turns and Venezuela has emerged from this attack a more unified and successful nation. There are three economic news ítems that indicate just how successful the government of President Maduro has been in facing these formidable challenges.

Peoples Dispatch: Great Housing Mission achieves major milestone of delivering 4 million homes President Maduro emphasized that the handing over of the 4 million homes was a “historic” event and a “world record.”

Ultima Noticias: Venezuela condemns the Israeli government’s aggression against the Palestinian people Hundreds of Palestinians were injured as they opposed being evicted from the Al-Aqsa Mosque. “We condemn the aggression against the Palestinian People, which began on April 15 and continues in the vicinity of the Al Alqsa mosque in Occupied East Jerusalem, a sacred place and of free worship, provided for in the 1994 Treaty, which must be respected by the Government of Israel.“

BreakThrough News: Cuban Henry Reeve Doctor Responds to U.S. Slanders An exemplary doctor who served in Guatemala, Pakistan, West Africa, Dominica, Mexico. He speaks of why he does this, which also grows out of the humanitarian nature of Cuban foreign policy.

Kawsachun News: Via Campesina Marks 30 Years of Struggle and Victories Made up of 200 million small farmers, peasants, farm workers and indigenous peoples, from 81 countries, it has popularized the idea of food sovereignty as the right of peoples to control and defend their own food systems using healthy, agroecological methods. After years battling against free trade agreements and the World Bank in the streets of Seattle, Cancun, and Seoul, La Via Campesina made an incursion into institutional politics, helping to draft and carry the UN Declaration on the Rights of Peasants through 18 years of negotiations until it was passed by the UN General Assembly in December 2018.

Ultima Noticias: ALBA rejects the United States report on Human Rights “A State that applies unilateral coercive measures against the peoples and Governments of the world and carries out disinformation and discredit campaigns to harm other States, in addition to not reviewing its internal situation, cannot aspire to give lessons on human rights.”

TeleSur: Argentina To Re-Establish Diplomatic Relations With Venezuela

Sign petition: Stand with Alice Walker: Anti-Zionism is NOT Anti-Semitism! We strongly condemn the Bay Area Book Festival’s decision to cancel Alice Walker’s participation based on spurious charges of anti-Semitism that falsely equate opposition to discriminatory policies of Zionist Israel with hatred of Jewish people.


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