Venezuela & ALBA News 6.23.2023: Reports from Free Alex Saab Summit

Camilla Saab, President of the National Assembly Jorge Rodríguez, Cuban 5 Hero Rene Gonzalez

MorningStar (Francisco Dominguez): Alex Saab, hostage of the hybrid war against Venezuela Because the brutality and cruelty of the US blockade was wreaking havoc on the economy and millions of the most vulnerable in Venezuela were being deliberately denied their human rights to the most basic necessities of daily life, President Maduro tasked Saab with traveling around the world procuring food, medicines and fuel for his country. Breaking every treaty, protocol, law and norm of international diplomacy, the US plotted to have Saab arrested while in transit to Iran to fulfill his diplomatic mission.

Free Alex Saab Summit on Lawfare against Venezuela: International Court of Justice to hear Alex Saab case; Conference Final Declaration The document denounced “the political persecutions with the collusion of media and judicial measures are a threat to the peace of the world,” and condemned the “lawfare that manipulates the legal arena for political purposes,” and urged the creation of mechanisms to confront this strategy directed from the US empire, such as the Continental Registry of Political Prisoners and the American Observatory on Lawfare. It pointed out that by means of lawfare, the United States executes its policy of aggression against Venezuela, with the kidnapping of the diplomat Alex Saab being “one of its most condemnable episodes,” for which reason they consider it imperative to create an international framework to confront this type of abuse.

TeleSur: Alex Saab’s Recorded Talk to the Caracas Summit Audio of political prisoner Alex Saab’s speech to the conference, with English translation.

National Lawyers Guild President Suzanne Adely Speech at Free Alex Saab Summit

Black Agenda Report: Jalil Muntaqim Reports from Venezuela on the Case of Alex Saab Former longtime Black Panther political prisoner account of the Free Alex Saab conference that he attended. (has a few typos in it)

Ultima Noticias: president of the National Assembly Jorge Rodríguez, “Those who tortured Alex Saab are UN officials today” Rodriguez noted that when Saab began his flight that resulted in his kidnapping by the US, and even when he landed in Cape Verde, the US had issued no arrest warrant for him. It was issued only the day after his arrest. Rodriguez said that after President Maduro won the 2018 elections, “the [US] plan was the collapse of our economy, of our oil industry, of our welfare state inaugurated by Commander Hugo Chávez,” so the US rulers needed to attack all the efforts that the [Maduro] government did to circumvent the sanctions….Alex Saab was around the world avoiding coercive measures, he was around the world looking for medicine, looking for food for the Venezuelan people subjected to US pressure.”

Resumen Latinoamericano: Cuban 5 Hero René González: “Alex Saab is a Tool to Criminalize Venezuela” “Just as we were a tool to prosecute Cuba, Alex Saab is a tool to criminalize not only his person, but also a government and a nation. By accusing him of money laundering, they accuse Venezuela, they accuse a whole country. The trial against him is even more absurd than ours: even more ridiculous because, while in our case we could be accused of spies, manipulating the term, in Alex Saab’s case there is not even that, and they turn it into a matter of “national security”. They wanted me to tell the prosecutors what they wanted to hear, to back up the accusations against my government. If I did that, I could get out. However, as we did, he is conducting himself admirably and for that he deserves all our respect and support.”

For more on the Free Alex Saab Conference, see here

Letters of Alex Saab from his Imprisonment The contents of the book of his letters and interviews from prison. Also as a pdf.

Alex Saab: A kidnapped diplomat – Full Film A 50 minute documentary on his frame-up case unjustified imprisonment.

Free Alex Saab: Short Video on Alex Saab Case  Good video to post around about the case.


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June 22-25: National Rally and actions to Demand Cuba be taken off the US State Sponsors of Terrorism List


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