Venezuela & ALBA News 6.24.2022: President Maduro’s Eurasia Tour Advances Struggle for a Multipolar World

Al Mayadeen: President Maduro: A new world has been born “Turkey, Algeria, Iran, Kuwait, Qatar, and now here in Azerbaijan. These six countries are friendly countries, and we have consolidated this friendship over many years and built political ties, diplomatic relations, and personal friendships, and now we have drawn up new plans for a new phase of broader relations…It is also an economic tour, with a great focus on trade, in order to strengthen trade relations, especially now that they have recovered. Venezuela has new products, and practical capabilities newly built…I prefer to return to the concept of dialogue about the importance of diversity in the world. A dialogue between cultures. A dialogue between civilizations, between ideologies, and between the leaders of political models.”

Orinoco Tribune: President Maduro Announces Key Results of International Tour after Return to Venezuela After his arrival in Venezuela, President Nicolás Maduro stressed that, after a meeting with authorities from these countries, the importance of building a new humanity, meeting and cooperation was highlighted. “I have seen in the heads of state, government, prime ministers, emirs, sheikhs, I have seen that an awareness of what the construction of a new humanity should be, a humanity of encounter, reunion, respect has been emerging in the post-pandemic, a humanity of cooperation, solidarity…a new beginning is beginning to emerge, the consensus for a new humanity without imperialism, with no one to pretend to become a judge, party, police of the world, and govern under the order and command and obedience, they order, command and all the rest obey. That ended. In this world that is over, there is a new consensus for human dignity. There is a new consensus.”

Multipluralista: Venezuela and Iran sign 20-year cooperation plan, Maduro pledges joint ‘anti-imperialist struggle’ Iran’s President Raisi said the document establishes formal “cooperation in the fields of energy, thermal power plants, repair and overhaul of refineries, exportation of technical and engineering services, economic, defense and military relations in the current government are indicative of the existence of many potentials and capacities in the two countries.” This agreement follows another historic 25-year cooperation plan that Iran signed with China in 2021, which has been estimated at $400 billion. Top Iranian diplomats signed similar deals with Nicaragua’s Sandinista government in May.

Orinoco Tribune: President Maduro: Iranian General Soleimani Came to Venezuela and Helped Recover Electrical System in 2019 Attacks President of Venezuela Maduro, explained at the end of his visit to the Islamic Republic of Iran that General Qasem Soleimani visited Venezuela in 2019, during the crisis that ensued the attacks on the Venezuelan electrical system, which almost left the entire country without electricity for several days. Soleimani brought experts who helped rebuild the Venezuelan electrical system, explained the head of state. “I didn’t know him, I didn’t know how big he was. The conversation I had with him was very harmonious, where we reviewed all the topics. He immediately offered the support of the Iranian experts, and 2 or 3 days later the Iranian experts were in Venezuela to recover the electrical service.”

Venezuelanalysis: Housing Movements Rally in Caracas, Hold Meeting with Maduro The mobilization was “a message to the bourgeoisie” amidst growing threats to roll back rights secured under the Bolivarian Process. President Maduro later received a portion of the mobilization in a televised broadcast on Tuesday afternoon. He praised social movements for taking to the streets and assured them he was carefully studying a number of complaints and proposals. Venezuela’s Great Housing Mission has built a reported four million homes supplied at next-to-no cost to low-income families.

VenezuelaDetailZero: Venezuela produces 93% of the food it consumes Vice-President Delcy Rodríguez affirmed in the International Economic Forum in Saint Petersburg: “In the year 2021, Venezuela gave its first lights of economic growth. How it was made? With awareness of our people. Things do not come by miracle, they come through the efforts of the Venezuelan people who dedicated themselves to the productive route. So we went from importing 80% of our food to producing 93% of the food that is consumed.”

Bolivia and Ecuador
TeleSur: Evo Morales Decries Attack Against Indigenous People in Ecuador “We denounce before the world that in Ecuador, armed repression of military and police is executed against thousands of indigenous brothers, who fight for the rights of a defenseless people who resist the neoliberal policies of hunger and misery. Do not shoot against the people!” In Ecuador, a week of protests is being held, with road blockades and mobilizations in the main cities, led by the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities (CONAIE) due to the increase in fuel prices.

Covert Action Magazine: Food Insecurity Increases in the US While it Declines in Nicaragua, Whose Socialist Government Has Defied US Regime Change Designs In the U.S., the average percentage of households with food insecurity stayed between 10% and 15% from 1995 until 2020, when the numbers shot up. Despite volunteer and government food aid, hunger grew 9% from 2019 to 2020, when 38 million people were hungry. The small nation of Nicaragua in Central America has worked on ending poverty for the last fifteen years. One of the most important strategies has been to develop food security, and today they have reached approximately 90% food security. Along with this, they now have almost 100% electricity coverage, more than 90% of people have potable water in their homes, and there is good universal health care and education including technical and university education.

NicaNotes: Since when is dismantling a coup d’état “dismantling democracy”? AP reports that members of the House Committee investigating the assault on the US Capitol have “additional evidence to be exposed this week that shows that Donald Trump and his advisers conducted a ‘large-scale effort’ to spread disinformation and pressured the Justice Department to accept the then-president’s false assertions,” why does the White House not accept that Trump, at the head of the US Government, also made “large-scale efforts” to “spread disinformation” against the Constitutional Government of Nicaragua, and pressured his related agencies, human rights commissions, OAS, the media, think tanks, and other “institutes,” “foundations,” “commissions,” etc., subordinated under facades of “independent” bodies, to also accept the then president’s false assertions about Nicaragua?

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