Venezuela & ALBA News 6.30.2023: Washington Protest against Blockade on Cuba; 37 Years Since Nicaragua’s International Court of Justice Win against US

Video: The ALBA-TCP:  First Fair Trade Agreement in the World & How the US Tried to Destroy it with Cuba Ambassador Igarza, Venezuela Deputy Minister Carlos Ron, and Nicaragua Minister of Commerce Jesus Bermudez Short webinar clips of the Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela officials on relations with China and Iran  

Al Mayadeen: Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela voice support for Russia amid armed mutiny The Presidents of Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua emphasize their support of the Russian people and President Vladimir Putin, urging the importance of maintaining unity.


FAIR (Ricardo Vaz): As Venezuela mends ties with Latin Neighbors, Western Media turn op the Propaganda Venezuela’s Maduro government has slowly and steadily regained its diplomatic standing in recent years, overcoming US endeavors to turn the country into a pariah state as part of its regime-change efforts. Nevertheless, Washington remains hell-bent on ousting the democratically elected Venezuelan authorities, and has kept its deadly sanctions program virtually intact. And Western media, which have cheered coup attempts at every step of the way, remain committed to endorsing US policies.

Orinoco Tribune: Venezuela Denounces Weaponization of  International Criminal Court ICC’s case against Venezuela was opened by extreme-right former Colombian President Ivan Duque and other like-minded governments belonging to the now extinct Lima Group, created by Washington to diplomatically isolate Venezuela. Statement by Venezuela government.

Maria Paez Victor: Where is the Outrage? Former President Trump admitted that he wanted to “collapse” the duly elected democratic government of Venezuela; to take it over, to appropriate all its oil. It is appalling that Trump’s declarations have not been covered widely by the mainstream media. Where is the indignation of Democrats and of US citizens who actually believe in international law? Where are the apologies of those who spread vile, unfounded criticism of Venezuela, attributing its economic woes to the “socialist policies” of the government and not to the illegal sanctions imposed by the USA and its allies aimed specifically at ruining the Venezuelan economy?


Morningstar (John Perry, Dan Kovalik): The attempted 2018 coup in Nicaragua: why its support collapsed By late June and early July 2018, patience with the insurrection had evaporated and most Nicaraguans simply wanted a return to the peace and stability that existed beforehand.Even those who were not government supporters, including many who initially joined the protests, could see where they were leading. They had experienced the benefits of a Sandinista government and (if they were old enough) the previous attempt to overthrow it violently, in the 1980s.

GeoPolitical Economy: US owes Nicaragua reparations, must implement 1986 International Court of Justice ruling 37 years after the ruling, the US still refuses to pay Nicaragua the reparations it legally owes, and today Nicaragua is demanding the UN take action. A contra leader in 1986 said their war on Nicaragua  “was premeditated policy to terrorize civilian noncombatants to prevent them from cooperating with the Government. Hundreds of civilian murders, mutilations, tortures and rapes were committed in pursuit of this policy.” Admitting the contras were “CIA puppets”, Chamorro wrote that “the ‘contras’ burn down schools, homes and health centers as fast as the Sandinistas build them”. President Daniel Ortega’s letter to the UN regarding the judgment of the International Court of Justice in favor of Nicaragua and against US aggression,  June 27th 1986


Cuba and Occupied Cuba
Resumen: Weaponizing Leaks – The Chinese “spy base” in Cuba In the repertoire of Washington’s foreign policy weapons, there is a time-tested ploy: the military or intelligence bureaucracy leaks damaging “information” to derail efforts to reduce tensions with a foreign country. (We saw that when Trump tried to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan – then it was “leaked” that Russia was paying the Taliban bounties for US soldiers.) The latest chapter in this saga is the “revelation,” on the eve of Secretary of State Blinken’s trip to Beijing, that China is allegedly building a “spy base” and negotiating for a “military training facility” in Cuba.

Resumen: 500 March to the White House to Demand Biden End the Blockade of Cuba This was the June 25 demonstration demanding Cuba be taken off the US’ State Sponsors of Terrorism List.

Al Mayadeen: Occupied Cuba Cruel, inhuman, degrading: UN demands US apology over Guantanamo Bay 19 of the 30 men being held at the Guantanamo Bay detention center have never been charged with a single crime — some after 20 years in US custody. UN rights experts said in a report on their visit to the detention center that still stands as one of the US many disgraceful stains and horrendous acts in history. The suffering of the 30 detainees at the US detention center is “profound and ongoing.” Press conference on UN report.


Al Mayadeen: China, Russia invest $1.4 billion for lithium plants in Bolivia Bolivia’s lithium exports within the next few years may surpass its natural gas exports, now its main source of income. Bolivia’s lithium reserves in the Uyuni salt flats are 21 million tons, the world’s biggest source. By 2025 it expects to export $5 billion of lithium, which would exceed its earnings from natural gas, which in 2022 generated revenues of $3.4 billion. Elon Musk helped engineer a US coup against Bolivia because of their lithium, saying “We coup who we want. So deal with it.”


Thursdays: WTF is Going on in Latin America & The Caribbean with Teri Mattson (or watch here or here)
July 5: Venezuela & Maduro : A decade continuing Chávez’s struggle with Francisco Dominguez and Venezuela Ambassador to Britain Rocio Maniero.
July 23: Why is Nicaragua’s Important in Today’s World?” Hear from visitors to Nicaragua for the 44th anniversary celebration of the Revolution.


July 12-21 (or July 17-21) Nicaragua Delegation for 44th Anniversary of the Revolution 
July 21-30, Sept  8-17, Sept 29-Oct 8, December 1-10, Dec 8-17: Witness for Peace delegations to Cuba
August 1-13: Code Pink and Task Force on the Americas delegation to Venezuela


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