Venezuela & ALBA Weekly 7.01.2022: Second US Government Delegation to Venezuela; Presidents Maduro and Petro talk

Political Prisoner Alex Saab
COHA (Dan Kovalik): New Revelations of Former US Secretary of Defense Confirm Illegality of the Extradition and Arrest of Diplomat Alex Saab Esper writes, “At Maduro’s direction, Saab was reportedly on special assignment to negotiate a deal with Iran for Venezuela to receive more fuel, food, and medical supplies. Saab was Maduro’s long standing point man when it came to crafting the economic deals and other transactions that were keeping the regime afloat.” Esper’s recognition that Alex Saab was “on special assignment” and negotiated economic deals for Venezuela is a tacit recognition of Saab’s diplomatic status… Lawyers working on Alex Saab’s case, including myself, have just filed information requests under the Freedom of Information Act to provide further confirmation of what Esper admits and what Saab has claimed all along: that his treatment is illegal under the Vienna Convention, that the US government knew this from the start, and that it nonetheless pursued the arrest of Saab for wrongful purposes.


TeleSur: President Maduro on the 201st Anniversary of the Battle of Carabobo “Simon Bolivar knew that if the consolidation of the military, political, and geopolitical victory in South America was not achieved, the Spanish imperialist army would not have been completely expelled from our lands, and a counteroffensive would occur sooner rather than later. That is why, from the beginning, Bolivar conceived a strategy of continental liberation: the integration and independence of South America…The great liberation campaigns are at the deep base of our roots and identity, with which we present ourselves to the world,” the Bolivarian leader added.

Venezuelanalysis: Venezuela Receives Second US Delegation for Direct Bilateral Talks Venezuela welcomed a second high-level US delegation that included Bogotá-based Ambassador James Story and US envoy on hostage affairs Roger Carstens. Maduro made explicit reference to France’s call for Venezuela and Iran to return to “Western” oil markets as a means of alleviating the supply squeeze and bringing down energy prices globally.

NewColdWar: The Untold Truth about Venezuela A summary of the many US attempts to overthrow the Bolivarian Revolution. “I can say without hesitation that the constitutional President Nicolas Maduro is a peaceful, honest and just leader; he is as transparent as a white whistle, and does not hide behind diplomacy, and does not compromise with the legitimate mandate given him in the ballot box to move Venezuela forward. During the visit to Caracas my understanding was that the Venezuelan leader is in no way ready to sell the dignity of his people, and has proven beyond all doubt that he keeps no skeletons in the closet.”

Caitlin Johnstone: Mike Pompeo’s Revealing Hudson Institute Speech Along with praise for NATO and for the various anti-China alliances in the Indo-Pacific, Pompeo names “Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan” as “the three lighthouses for liberty” which those alliances must work to support militarily. …This is all the staged histrionics about human rights in Iran, Syria, North Korea, Venezuela, Bolivia, Nicaragua and Cuba have been about. It’s all been about manufacturing international consent for an increasingly dangerous campaign to secure unipolar global hegemony at any cost…This is the US empire which corrupt psychopaths like Mike Pompeo support. A power structure which wages nonstop wars in order to keep the peace, which continually oppresses populations around the world in order to protect freedom, and which risks nuclear war with increasingly reckless aggression to in order save the world.

Peoples Dispatch: International Feminist Brigade in Venezuela Delegations of women from the five continents have traveled to Venezuela to learn about the struggle of women in the Bolivarian Revolution and share experiences from their own regions.There are 29 women from 20 countries, including Swaziland, South Africa, Lesotho, Ghana, Zambia, South Africa, Kenya, Cuba, the United States, Palestine, Morocco, Romania, Turkey, and Iraq, who will tour five Venezuelan states getting to know communes and other popular organizations led by women. President Maduro held a meeting with the “Alexandra Kollontai” Brigade

TeleSur: Maduro: New Stage of Cooperation Between Venezuela and Colombia Maduro stated that during the telephone conversation he had with Colombian President-elect Gustavo Petro, he committed to work for the union of these countries. “As I said a week ago to President-elect Gustavo Petro, I will work and I ask for the support of the whole Venezuelan society so that we can achieve brotherhood, cooperation and union between Colombia and Venezuela in a new stage.” The President indicated that his government would seek the pacification of the 2,200 kilometers of the border shared by these nations.


NicaNotes: Open Letter to 60 Minutes: Stop Spreading Lies about Nicaragua The correction of this travesty of reporting from 60 Minutes requires a 60 Minute team to actually come to Nicaragua to interview the people that live here whose lives have improved amazingly since 2007 with free universal education and health care; 99.2% of homes have electricity; about 90% have running water; the best roads in the region; housing programs; more than half a million people have received a registered title to their land. The primary goal of the Government of Reconciliation and National Unity is the elimination of poverty.


Global Health Partners: Help Send Life-Saving Medical Supplies to Cuba An urgent drive to send scarce anesthesia machines and sutures to Havana’s main trauma surgery hospital, the Calixto Garcia Hospital, which has 23 operating rooms, but just two working anesthesia machines. The hospital’s dedicated medical staff needs to perform more than 50 lifesaving surgeries each day, but lacks the equipment to treat all these patients.

Prensa Latina: Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez – US human rights record is deplorable “With its deplorable human rights record, the US government and its Secretary of State should refrain from judging Cuba and other countries with fabricated legends and crude slanderous campaigns.”


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July 26: Los Angeles Medical Aid for Cuba Fundraiser


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