Venezuela & ALBA News 7.28.2023: ALBA Countries Celebrates July 26; New Economic Warfare Legislation proposed against Venezuela and Nicaragua

Open Democracy: EU talks show Latin America’s growing influence in global politics European representatives, acting as one, proposed that the final declaration include a rejection of Russia’s “aggression.” But they were faced with 33 countries from a very heterogeneous region that maintain diverse alliances with the powers involved in the war.. The final text does not condemn Russia and mentions the war only in paragraph 15 – with no mention of Russia. That the war in Ukraine dominated the agenda did not go down well with CELAC representatives, who wanted a discussion on reparations for centuries of colonialism and slavery…Over the past 20 years, China has increased its influence in Latin America.. Trade between China and Latin American countries saw a 26-fold increase between 2000 and 2020, from $12bn to $315bn.


Mision Verdad: The Next Aggression that the U.S. is Preparing against Venezuela One bill is in Congress to tighten the sanctions on Nicaragua, and three bills against Venezuela have been introduced.They have a common purpose: further increase the pressure of the blockade, and impose on it a framework of “humanitarian assistance.” The goal is to impose a “transition government” of US choosing. They refer to the distribution of resources using US agencies and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). The Treasury Department will have the power to block any payment or loan approved by the International Monetary Fund, the Inter-American Development Bank, the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency, among others. In addition, the bill stipulates that coercive measures will be imposed on any foreign government that offers aid  to the Venezuelan government.

Al Mayadeen: ‘With Maduro and More’: A direct link between president, people Al Mayadeen begins broadcasting the weekly program of President Maduro, “With Maduro and More.”The show, which appears on the official Venezuela channel VTV, through which he addresses the people directly and reviews the most important issues, activities, problems, and solutions. “With Maduro and More” comes to you weekly, every Sunday, at 23:00 Al-Quds time, 20:00 GMT,(4  pm ET) on Al Mayadeen.


July 26
Ultima Noticias: Diosdado Cabello, PSUV Vice-President: Cuba counts on Venezuela whenever and against whomever “The people of Cuba know that they are counting on the Bolivarian Revolution for whatever, whenever, and against whomever…I express my love for being here, commemorating such an important date for our brother people of Cuba, and the honor has to do with that history of tireless struggle, of battles not against any adversary but against the most powerful empire in the world, the empire American…Let’s make every July 26 a historic date for the world, it is a date that belongs to Venezuelans, because it was the inspiration for February 4.”

Ultima Noticias: Venezuela salutes the 70th anniversary of the National Rebellion in Cuba Government statement: “the Venezuelan people have witnessed the historic legacy of Dignity Day for Latin America and the Caribbean….That seven decades after that memorable insurrection, history finds the unyielding Cuba, with the daughters and sons of Martí and Fidel.”


Cuban Economy
Reuters: Cuban economy minister says no quick fix to devastating crisis Minister of Finance and Prices Regueiro Ale reported inflation was raging at a 45% clip this year, on top of last year’s 39% jump. Cuba’s economic growth is less than 2% this year and remains below pre-pandemic levels. The most important sector of the economy – agriculture, mining and basic production – was down 34.9% compared with 2019, while manufacturing was off 20%. A third sector that includes services such as tourism, communications and education was down 4.9%.


Morningstar: Now is not the time to abandon the Sandinistas Roger McKenzie asks why many progressives in the West feel qualified to denounce the Nicaraguan movement that is in a daily struggle against US imperialism. When the FSLN returned to power in 2006, they decided to be more pragmatic, with part of that decision based on a desire not to poke the US bear. Perhaps some former supporters believed that this meant the FSLN had finally sold out to capitalism. Even when the defeat of the US-backed coup attempt in 2018 led the FSLN to readopt a more aggressively left-wing, anti-imperialist line, some still pointed to what they regarded as deficiencies in particular policy positions.

AFGJ Alert: Contact your Senators! Oppose new and old sanctions on Nicaragua! The new sanctions seek to restrict loans for economic development from the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI) which funds roads, water and energy projects, and housing in the country. The old sanctions stopped most loans from the IMF, World Bank and the IDB. Now the U.S. wants to stop the CABEI loans as well! All these restrictions should be lifted!


Thursdays: WTF is Going on in Latin America & The Caribbean with Teri Mattson (or watch here or here)
July 29: NYC Celebrate the Cuban Revolution with Cuban Ambassador to the United Nations Gerardo Peñalver Portal
July 22-30:  Whistleblower Summit and film festival  Hybrid series (online and in-person), going on now through Sunday, will include some discussion of Nicaragua.
July 31: Blowing the Whistle on Covert Warfare & Coercive Economic Sanctions In-person and video event in DC, will also include some discussion on Nicaragua with Dan Kovalik, Sara Flounders.
August 2: Venezuela & Maduro – A decade continuing Chávez’s struggle with Francisco Dominguez
August 3: Escalating Lies Against Cuba with Keith Bolender, William LeoGrande, Liz Oliva Fernández (Belly of the Beast); Ambassador Yuri Gala López, Cuban Mission to United Nations.


Sept  8-17, Sept 29-Oct 8, December 1-10, Dec 8-17: Witness for Peace delegations to Cuba
August 1-13: Code Pink and Task Force on the Americas delegation to Venezuela
Friendly Planet tours to Cuba (posted only as a news item –  tours seem to be new)
November 20-29: Bolivia, Food Sovereignty, Popular Democracy & Indigenous Resistance 


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