Venezuela & ALBA News 9.22.2023: Speeches of Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Bolivia, China, and Russia at G77 and UN General Assembly

Cuban President Diaz-Canel speech at the UN General Assembly on behalf of the G77 at the Summit on the Sustainable Development Goals Today 735 million people face chronic hunger, more than in 2015. At the current pace, none of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals will be met and more than half of the agreed targets will be missed. Today, 25 nations of the South are spending over 20 per cent of their government revenues solely on servicing debt. [G77+China] pioneered the global call for an urgent reform of the international financial architecture, shared by so many leaders and personalities of the whole world. This was largely advocated by the Secretary-General. It is critical to increase ambition on mitigation, adaptation and means of implementation, and materialize the provision and mobilization of resources by developed countries to tackle climate change and address our development challenges at the same time. We strongly call on developed countries to fulfill their pledges in this area. For those countries suffering the imposition of unilateral coercive measures that constitute a serious violation of the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations.

Cuban President Diaz-Canel speech in the name of Cuba at UN General Assembly During two days, practically without a break, over 100 representatives of the 134 nations of the Group raised their voices to demand changes that can no longer be postponed to an unjust, irrational and abusive international economic order, which has magnified, year after year, the huge inequalities between a minority of highly industrialized nations and a majority that cannot escape from the euphemistic term “developing country.” It is an offense to the human condition that almost 800 million people suffer hunger on a planet that produces enough to feed everyone. Or that in an era of knowledge and rapid development of information and communication technologies, over 760 million people – two-thirds of them women – cannot read or write. The G77 claims rights and will go on calling for a radical transformation of the present international financial architecture, which is deeply unjust, anachronistic and dysfunctional – because it was designed to exploit the reserves of the South, to perpetuate a system of domination that exacerbates underdevelopment and reproduces a model of modern colonialism.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov Speech to UN General Assembly Lavrov, an outstanding diplomat, gives an excellent analysis and overview of the role of the US in the world today, an analysis similar to that of the ALBA countries.

Bolivian President Luis Arce speech at UN General Assembly He calls for ending the capitalist international order: “developed countries must assume their share of the climate debt and the compensation and historical reparations with developing countries”; 736 million women in the world, that is, one out of every three women, have been subjected to physical and/or sexual violence; “As for Israel’s occupation of Palestine, we cannot continue to allow the suffering of the Palestinian people.”

“The multidimensional crisis of capitalism has been laid bare in the post-pandemic context and has been exacerbated by the effects of the military conflict in Eastern Europe. These are but expressions of the transition towards the configuration of a world order different from the one we currently have.”

“In the year 2022, our nominal GDP will increase from $40.703 billion in 2021 to $44.315 billion in 2022, the highest figure in our history. Likewise, per capita GDP increased by 7.4% over the 2021 figure, the highest figure in our history, compared to the 2021 figure, reaching an amount of US$ 3,691, also the highest figure in the history of our country…accumulated inflation is only 1.6%,

Cuban President Diaz-Canel Pays Tribute to Malcolm X in New York “The Cuban people will never forget Malcolm X’s role,” he said.

Speeches by Nicaragua President Daniel Ortega, Honduras President Xiomara Castro, Cuban President Diaz-Canel at G77+China Summit in Havana Daniel: “The enemy [Global North] wants to control our land and impose its hegemony on the entire world, and behold it confronting China violently because it stands against hegemony.” Ortega said that China “approaches the peoples in Asia, in Africa, in Latin America, not to impose sanctions, but to contribute to the progress and welfare of our peoples.”

President Xi Jinping’s Special Representative’s Speech at the G77+China Summit Emerging markets and developing countries have contributed up to 80% of global economic growth over the past 20 years, their share of global GDP rising over the past 40 years from 24% to more than 40%. China remains committed to building an open, inclusive and mutually beneficial South-South scientific and technological cooperation system, and will expand international exchanges and cooperation in scientific and technological innovation with even more open vision and measures, to that all countries can benefit equally from digital dividends, and no developing country is left behind or absent in the development of new technologies and industries. China has provided development assistance to more than 160 countries, cooperated with more than 150 countries under the Belt and Road framework, and collaborated with more than 100 countries and international organizations to advance the GDI. Recently, at the BRICS Summit in Johannesburg, President Xi Jinping announced that China has established the $4 billion Fund for Global Development and South-South Cooperation, and Chinese financial institutions will soon establish a special fund for 10 billion dollars, allocated to the implementation of the IDG. This is a new contribution that China has made to help other developing countries overcome difficulties and challenges and achieve common development.

President Maduro Speech at G77+China Summit in Cuba: All the conditions are coming together for the peoples of the south to raise the flags of independence and sovereignty in this century The G-77 plus China must promote a powerful global initiative within the United Nations organization so that the unilateral coercive measures against the peoples of the world, against all the countries of the world, cease. Today we are suffocated by the criminal blockade of more than 60 years against the people of Cuba. My country, Venezuela, has been the victim in the last six years of more than 950 unilateral coercive measures at all levels of the economy and society. So the G-77 has to raise its voice louder and say enough is enough of persecution against the peoples of the world who want independence and who want to build their own models. We have to do more, much more.

President Maduro: Venezuela a Beacon in the Fight for Equality and Social Justice Venezuelan Foreign Ministry condemned the ruling of the General Court of the European Union that dismissed an appeal filed by Venezuela against the EU’s illegal sanctions against the Venezuelan people, imposed in 2017 through EU Regulation 2017/2063. September 13, 2023, the European General Court dismissed Venezuela’s appeal against illegal sanctions imposed by the EU a year earlier. Ministerio de Poder Popular para Relaciones Extranjeros: Venezuela categorically rejects legal ruling in favor of the European Union


2023 Ben Linder Solidarity School, September 23 – November 18 Class topics include: Nicaragua and the Sandinista Revolution; History and current context of Latin America and US imperialism; ATC and peasant organizations / social movements; Food Sovereignty and Agroecology; Solidarity and Internationalism.

September 24: The Nicaraguan Community Policing Model Commissioner General Jaime Vanegas Vega, Inspector General of the National Police, Commissioner General Vilma Rosa Gonzalez, Head of Public Relations of the National Police. How do the Nicaraguan police sustain one of the lowest crime rates, and highest levels of citizen trust, in all of Latin America?  A key answer is their much-heralded community-based model.

October 13-15: Annual Meeting of National Network on Cuba in Boston

October 21-22: (Madrid) Encuentro Sandinista de Solidaridad con Nicaragua Organizations from different parts of the Spanish state in the Sandinista Meeting of Solidarity with Nicaragua.

January 27, 2024: Latin America conference in London 18th annual conference in solidarity with Latin American progressive movements.


Upcoming Delegations to Nicaragua, Bolivia, Cuba, Venezuela
December 8-17: Witness for Peace delegations to Cuba

November 20-29: Bolivia, Food Sovereignty, Popular Democracy & Indigenous Resistance 

Casa Ben Linder delegations to Nicaragua in January, and February (January: Rights of Indigenous and Afro-Descendant Peoples in Caribbean Coast Autonomous Regions)

April 9-19: Venezuela: Celebrating Popular Sovereignty and Power


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