Venezuela & ALBA News 12.17.2021: ALBA Conference declaration and Daniel Ortega speech; 114 Congresspeople letter to end Cuba blockade Camilla Fabri wife of Alex Saab talks about the first days of the kidnapping in Cape Verde From Alex Saab letter: “From there he took me to a dark dungeon and left me on the floor, it was about 10 p.m. maximum. The next day he returned, calculation at midnight. There I was without water or anything, urinating in a hole that you could see and with an infernal heat. When he arrived he told me to take off my shirt and jeans, I stayed in my underwear. I sat down on a chair he brought and he put handcuffs on me from behind. He began to tell me that I had to sign the extradition voluntarily, as I always refused, he grabbed a blue plastic bag and put it on my head. He squeezed it, choking me, while insisting that I had to sign. Every time he got more and more angry.”

114 Congresspeople sign Letter to Biden asking the path to normalization with Cuba be restored and sanctions be reversed copy of the letter wording and signers here

Declaration of the 20th Summit of ALBA The declaration has 44 points in its anti-imperialist statement concerning Latin American countries.

Daniel Ortega Speech to ALBA Summit: “ALBA succeeded in defying the fears of a Latin America and Caribbean terrorized and dominated by the Empire. It was a truly courageous step” Cuba is undoubtedly the best example of the meaning of Dignity and Conscience. …There is another pandemic, namely the pandemic of Savage Capitalism, which is the pandemic of Imperialism which holds aloft the Banner of Democracy but which in the name of Democracy murders Peoples, destroys Nations, destroys States and provokes chaos…if there is one thing characterizing Imperialism, it is for telling the biggest lies, because they preach Peace and practice War, they preach Peace and practice Terrorism, they speak against Terrorism when they are the worst terrorists on the Planet…

And what was Assange’s crime? Assange is not accused of having planted any bomb, he is not accused of having killed any gringo, nor any European; he is accused of having denounced crimes committed by the Yankee Government. That is Assange’s sin, to tell the truth, as Christ died for the truth.

Assange has done nothing more than fulfill his duty to denounce those crimes, and now they are waiting for him in the United States, where they want to give him the death penalty, because they consider him a traitor, a security problem. Because the crimes of the US Intelligence Agencies and other crimes they committed in their operations, covert and uncovered, were discovered…

And thus Cuba, Venezuela, after all the brutal aggression they have suffered and continue to suffer, the brutal aggression we continue to suffer, and Cuba after more than 60 years, shows us how Dignity, creates Conscience, creates Strength, creates Courage, creates Creativity, so as to face the consequences of acts of economic and social terrorism and also terrorism that manifests itself in outright crimes. Dignity is much more powerful than the strength of Empires, it is more powerful, no matter how big that Empire may be, no matter how criminal that Empire may be.”

Resumen Latinoamericano: ALBA: Hope and Alliance of the Peoples of the Americas Hugo Chávez never forgot the first time he stepped on Cuban soil on December 13, 1994. To his surprise, Fidel was waiting for him at the bottom of the stairs of the plane. One photo immortalized that historic encounter: On the right, the Cuban leader, on the left, Chavez, both smiling, dressed in olive green with their arms tightly clasping each other’s shoulders. Ten years later, Fidel and Chavez founded the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America – Peoples’ Trade Agreement (ALBA-TCP), a mechanism of political agreement and solidarity between fraternal nations, which the leader of the Bolivarian Revolution himself considered that it “was born from that first hug”. The historic significance of this summit was not lost on any of the leaders in attendance who have not forgotten they were not invited to the recent Summit for Democracy by the Biden Administration.

Ultima Noticias: Netherlands Prevents Venezuelan Delegation’s Meeting with ICC Delcy Rodriguez:”The government of the Netherlands has obstructed and prevented the delegation that would go to The Hague to fulfill the special mission in accordance with international treaties.” The Executive Vice President asserted that the government of the Netherlands placed “conditions of impossible compliance”, violating all international agreements.

Tortilla con Sal: The US is at a loss in Central America Last November 28th mass political resistance in Honduras made possible a coalition that has inflicted a truly humiliating electoral defeat on the US backed narco-terror regime fronted by President Juan Orlando Hernandez. Two weeks earlier, in Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega’s Sandinista government won re-election with massive support from voters for their poverty reduction policies, economic democratization and defense of basic rights to food security, health care and education. Both Xiomara Castro’s electoral win in Honduras and Nicaragua’s recognition of China threaten US control in the region.

Ultima Noticias: Foreign Relations Minister Plasencia: capitalist model is in crisis and we are called to change course The Minister for Foreign Relations, Félix Plasencia, inaugurated the World People’s Congress for Peace. “We meet to discuss the need to deepen the guarantee of the political, economic and social rights of humanity for the welfare of the peoples.” It is necessary to “change course” in the face of the new challenges that arise in the world, due to the failure of the capitalist model, which is in crisis. «The dominant model of capital accumulation is in crisis and there is no way to solve it, because there is no other planet that it can buy. Our resources are depleted, our existence is endangered and we are called to change course.”

Today.In-24: In Venezuela, the participation of the private sector has generated an agricultural miracle  For Saul Elías López, president of the Venezuelan Society of Agricultural Engineers (SVIAA), an agricultural miracle is taking place in Venezuela. He stressed that at the moment there are 200,000 hectares of corn, which represents 42% more in purchase with the 2020 figures: In rice there are 140,000 hectares, 8% more than a year ago. And by the end of 2021, an extra 200 thousand tons of food will have been produced. “95% of the invested resources come from the private sector that continues to work despite the fact that agricultural loans are non-existent, there is a shortage of fuel, great precariousness in the provision of public services and without the execution of a planting plan that should have been designed by the national government,” he said. López stressed that despite the increase in production, the figures are still lower than those produced 10 years ago.

Statement of Foreign Ministry: Venezuela Condemns US boycott of Olympic Games in China This desperate but alarming act, which is part of the smear and manipulation campaign undertaken by a small group of countries against the indefensible development of the Chinese sister nation, demonstrates the anachronistic vision of these governments that still maintain their vision of the Cold War. The Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela has enthusiastically followed the preparation and conditioning process carried out by the authorities and the Chinese people on their way to host the world’s greatest winter sport event, and with it, achieve the milestone of seeing Beijing to become the first city in history to host both the summer and winter Olympic editions.

Orinoco Tribune: Venezuela Shoots Down 54th Colombian Narco-Jet of 2021 The Venezuelan military stated that so far this year there have already been 54 “tancol” planes destroyed after entering the airspace of Venezuela. The narco-traffickers hope to use its airspace to transport drugs produced in Colombia to the United States and Europe.

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