Tanya Nuñez

Haiti and Palestine – Is There a Connection?

AFGJ’s Tanya Nuñez asks Austin Cole of Black Alliance for Peace if there is any connection between the struggles of the Haitian and the Palestinian people. For more information: blackallianceforpeace.com . This is a production of the Alliance for Global Justice, www.AFGJ.org . Be sure and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more informative videos

Solidarity with Colombia’s Dagoberto Ortiz Reincorporation Camp / Solidaridad con ETCR Dagoberto Ortiz en Colombia

(This video, produced by Tanya Nuñez, is a conversation with a spokesperson for one of the communities most impacted by threats and assassinations in Colombia. Alirio presents important ideas for ending political violence and advancing the vision of a new Colombia.) Declaración de Solidaridad con el ETCR Dagoberto Ortiz en la vereda Monterredondo, Miranda, Cauca,…

Colombian Human Rights Defenders Union, SINDHEP, Expelled From The Bargaining Table

By Tanya Nuñez and James Patrick Jordan In a new act of anti-union abuse by Carlos Camargo, Colombia’s right wing Ombudsman, the Human Rights Defenders Union, SINDHEP, was recently expelled from the collective bargaining table on reasons that have no legal basis. This arbitrary and illegal act comes days after SINDHEP made a public denouncement…