Nicaragua Delegation: Climate Change, Water, and Sustainability

June 10 – 21, 2013, $950 (excluding airfare)

Wonderfully rich in natural resources, Nicaragua has one of the world’s great stores of ‘sweet’ water. However it is also one of the countries most vulnerable to climate change. In recent decades it has seen its rivers begin to dry up and its farmers to lose crops to searing droughts, tremendous storms and devastating fl oods. It has seen its rivers polluted by industrial farming and maquiladora sweatshops, its lakes awash with plastic. Yet, since the return of the Sandinistas to government in 2007 it is also a country with a growing consciousness of its environmental treasures and that its future depends on developing a consciousness of its dependence on water and sustainable practices.

This delegation will be led by long-time Nicaragua resident Paul Baker-Hernandez, former Managua Coordinator of the Nicaragua Network and well-known environmental and peace activist. Paul is also a well known musician in Latin America’s New Song tradition.

For More Information/Application:

Nicaragua Network/Alliance for Global Justice
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