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Margarita Montealegre, on the day of Victory, 1979

A film about disappearing stories of women who fought in Nicaragua’s Sandinista Revolution, and their continuing struggles for justice.

Project by Jenny Murray and Laura Tomaselli of Brooklyn, NY

Memorias Del Fuego is a feature-length documentary film about the disappearing stories of women who fought to win Nicaragua’s Sandinista Revolution. We shot the first portion without any funding, and interviewed former Sandinista commanders, couriers, and journalists, but are raising funds to be able to return and capture the stories of female combatants from rural areas and FSLN party members.

About the film: Women comprised a remarkable (even by today’s standards) 30% of the FSLN army and high command, which in 1979 overthrew the brutal dictatorship of Anastasio Somoza. The Revolution brought together diverse groups of women seeking change, from every class of society and level of education. Fighting against Nicaragua’s economic disparity, social injustice, and pervasive domestic violence, they worked in all capacities in the war: Commanders, Doctors, Messengers, Weapons Transporters, Combatants, and Photojournalists.

The film explores questions like,

► Why did they first take a stand?

► How did they fight and win the Revolution?

► What did they hope for? We need your help to document these untold stories before they disappear.

This Kickstarter project will only be funded if at least $57,000 is pledged by Wed, Sep 10 2014 9:15 AM PDT. On Wednesday, Aug. 20, it had 169 backers who had pledged $14,970 pledged of the $57,000 goal.


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Nora Astorga

Nora Astorga