Proposed Workshops

Wild versus Wall by The Sierra Club
Learn what you can do to help Sierra Club fight for border policies that protect our land, air and water instead of walling off natural areas and wildlife.

Nicaragua and the Canal: Should a government of the left be building a megaproject? by The Nicaragua Network
The pros and cons of the shipping canal under study that would cross Nicaragua linking the Atlantic and Pacific.

The Guatemalan Genocide Case: Tearing Down the Walls of Impunity by NISGUA
A survivor and member of the Association for Justice and Reconciliation from Guatemala speaks about 12 year process of bringing former-dictator and School of the Americas graduate Efraín Ríos Montt to trial for genocide and crimes against humanity.

Learn practices for active Peace  by Creating A Culture of Peace 
Creating a Culture of Peace (CCP) Interfaith teaching the nature of violence and practices of nonviolence at your work, with your family and your community represent all races.

What’s Behind the Drug War in Mexico and Central America? by LASC
This workshop will provide information about the violent US-sponsored Drug War in Mexico and Central America in order to look at what’s behind it; that is, the possible motives and connections to US policy.

Abolish Corporate Personhood by Move To Amend 
Get involved in the national campaign for a constitutional amendment to abolish the illegitimate, court-created doctrines of “corporate personhood” and “money equals speech.”

Conflict Resolution by Occupy Tucson
Explore sources of conflict and learn strategies to make conflict a productive encounter.

Cointelpro Then and Now by Freedom Archives
We will view Cointelpro 101 for the first hour and then use the film to launch a discussion about government repression, historically and now.

Reproductive Justice for Incarcerated Women by Women on the Rise Telling HerStory
WORTH will discuss the importance of reproductive justice for currently incarcerated women.

Sensible Drug Policies and Harm Reduction Strategies by AZ4NORML
A workshop to network and develop strategies to end the war on our communities waged through the war on drugs.

Building Multi-issue Coalitions by Coalitions of Mutual Endeavor
Effective ways to create multi-issue/cross-disciplinary coalitions to build the critical mass necessary for systemic, sustainable change.

Introducing non-hierarchical tools for organizing, communicating, sharing leadership, and group decisions by Coalitions of Mutual Endeavor
Non-hierarchical tools for personal, organizational, and social change based on and holistically integrated with the mutually supportive relationships of a living world.

‘Bhopali’ Film Screening by The International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal, North America (ICJB-NA)
Film screening of ‘Bhopali’, a documentary on the ongoing chemical disaster in Bhopal, India.

Why is the Working Class Important? by Salt of the Earth Labor College
Capitalism will not be abolished unless the working class takes action.

Nonviolence as a Powerful Organizing Strategy by Nonviolence Legacy Project
Use the six principles and six steps of Kingian Nonviolence as a powerful organizing strategy for your direct action campaigns.

Worker to Worker Solidarity – A New Model of Labor Internationalism by Alliance for Global Justice
This workshop will discuss the efforts to end US government domination of Big Labor’s foreign relations in favor of a new, independent, worker to worker model.

Meaning of the Economic-Political Changes in Cuba Under the Unrelenting U.S. Blockade by Chicago Committee to Free the Cuban 5
We explore the economic and political changes taking place in Cuba, where the country is headed, and the continuing impact of the unrelenting U.S. economic blockade.

“Freedom According to the Zapatistas”: Lessons from the Escuelita of August 2013 by Chiapas Support Committee of Oakland
This workshop will discuss and apply lessons from the recent Zapatista Escuelita, which hundreds of activists from around the world attended in Chiapas, Mexico.

What’s Going On In Syria? by Syria Solidarity Movement and Mussalaha (Reconciliation) Movement
This workshop will feature a live presentation by Mother Agnes Mariam who is coming directly from the Middle East. She will discuss the background to the conflict and the conclusions of her detailed study of the chemical attack at in greater Damascus. Mother Agnes will present her first hand observations and experiences which present a dramatically different picture than that being presented in the mainstream media. Her perspective is anti-sectarian and in favor of peaceful reconciliation.

Operation Streamline: What is it? And why should it end? by End Streamline Coalition
This workshop will explore Operation Streamline, the federal criminal prosecution of undocumented immigrants for immigration violations, including the procedural concerns, the consequences, and the costs, both financially as well as effects on immigrant families.

Honduras: The Struggle for Democracy, Human Rights, and the Environment by Marin Interfaith Task Force on the Americas
This workshop will explore Operation Streamline, the federal criminal prosecution of undocumented immigrants for immigration violations, including the procedural concerns, the consequences, and the costs, both financially as well as effects on immigrant families.

The Place Beyond Nation States by Occupy Tucson
Doctress Neutopia’s presentation provides a plan for global transformation by liberating the Internet through an Anonymous Lovolution (non-violent cyber revolution).

Running for Mayor from an Occupy Tent by Occupy Tucson
Share my experiences of running as a 2011 Green Party candidate for Mayor of Tucson from an Occupy Tucson tent.

Voices of Refugee Youth by Lajee Center
This workshop is on the effect of the Israeli imprisonment on youth in Aid Refugee Camp in Bethlehem City, Palestine.

The Wall and Arcology by Occupy Tucson
We will review the history of architecture by looking at forms of oppression in the built environment and then move to visualizing a new order of space, arcology.

The Fat & the Furious by Tucson Anti-Authoritarian Network
An exploration of body liberation and taking up space in activist communities.

Who are the Political Prisoners in the US by Chicago Committee to Free the Cuban 5
We give a summary of who are the different political prisoners in the US and what you can do to publicize their cases.

Public Banking by Progressive Democrats of American Tucson Chapter
Present how a public bank would be beneficial to workers and their communities.

¡Venceremos! Popular Power and the Path Towards Workers’ Control in Venezuela Under the Bolivarian Revolution. by Venezuela Solidarity Network
The workshop describes how, through popular power, social movements in Venezuela have transformed labor, cooperatives, communities of production and ultimately the government’s policies and programs.

Single-Payer Health Care by PDA
What is single-payer health care and how do we achieve it?

Tear Down the Wall of One Percent Control Over Politics, Laws, & Govt
by Labor Party Advocates / Por Partido Obrero
After a documentary about labor’s battles of the 1930s, Bill Onasch will lead a discussion of how labor can reach a new turning point today, including the organizing of a labor party.

From a War Economy to a Peace Economy – the Challenge of Economic Conversion by U.S. Labor Against the War (USLAW)
This workshop will consider steps that must be taken to move from a war-dependent to a sustainable demilitarized economy.

Writing for Home, School, and Everyday Life by Free University of NYC
This workshop introduces approaches to writing developed at Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Sandy, and enacted in public parks as part of occupations of the Free University of New York City; participants practice writing as a process of transformation through participatory action.

Confronting the U.S. War Drive by International Action Center
Confronting the U.S. War Drive: From Syria to Somali to Venezuela – the growing threat of a World War and How to Stop it.

How the Meek can inherit the Earth; Creating the New Paradigm by Creating the New Paradigm
Why we need to create our own reality with a viable alternative economy and, more important, how we might be able to do that.

Criminality and Responses to State Repression by Tucson Anarchist Black Cross
A discussion on how perceptions of ‘criminality’ affect anti-repression work in radical movements.

Imperialism, Ecology and the Green Economy by Global Justice Ecology Project
This workshop will explore the ecological and social impacts of the new Green Economy developed globally by corporations and governments to rejuvenate Capitalism in a Green light.

Racial Profiling: Personal Stories & Empowering Actions by
Nonviolence Legacy Project
Hear from a panel of youth and adults who experience racial profiling on a daily basis…in stores, on streets, in elevators, in schools; witness the destructive impact on their lives and empowering actions they and others have taken to make a positive difference.