Venezuela & ALBA Weekly 9.11.2020 Kevin Zeese (1955-2020): American Hero

Jorge Arreaza: We deeply regret the unexpected departure of our brother Kevin Zeese, courageous Peace and Human Rights activist. One of the US heroes that defended our Embassy until the end. Our condolences to his partner Margaret and all of his family.

Medea Benjamin: Heartbreaking! Our dear Kevin Zeese passed away suddenly this morning. Kevin was a brilliant writer, organizer, strategist and visionary. Wherever there was injustice, there was Kevin, trying to right the wrongs. Wars and imperialism. Climate crisis. Racism. Health care. Poverty. The failed and racist Drug War. A light has gone out in the world.We miss you, brother.

US Green Party on Kevin Zeese

Tucker Carlson Fail vs Kevin Zeese

David Swanson: Kevin Zeese: Irreplaceable Kevin Zeese was a major constant reliable presence in the movement for peace and justice. He used writing, editing, online and all other forms of communication. He organized events, protests, occupations. He risked arrest. He ran for office. He was an attorney and used the courts and shared his expertise. He thought independently. He acted collaboratively. He maintained good relations with those he disagreed with.

Margaret Flowers: Rest in Power Kevin Zeese

Lee Camp Tribute to Kevin Zeese

Task Force of the Americas statement on Kevin Zeese

Black Agenda Report: Kevin Zeese, the Passing of a Warrior for Peace and Justice

From John V. Walsh:

In his eulogy to Dr. Norman Bethune, who provided medical care and medical training to the Eighth Route Army, Mao said that the death of some is light as a feather and that of others is felt like the weight of a mountain. Like the death of Norman Bethune, the death of Kevin Zeese is felt like the weight of a mountain.

Kevin Zeese was one of the most principled, most dedicated, hardest working, smartest and most courageous leaders and workers in the antiwar, anti-Empire movement that I have ever encountered.

He was also among the most open-minded, willing to work with people of many political leanings different from his own – if they shared his commitment to peace. Without him and George O’Neill, the ComeHomeAmerica effort would have never been born – and I believe its example will yet be the key to a peaceful, multipolar world.

His courageous stand in occupying and protecting the Venezuelan Embassy to the very end, along with his partner Margaret Flowers and two others, is a model for us all. It was also effective, awakening many across the world to the vicious, murderous interventionism of the US Empire in Venezuela. And he and his fellow occupiers also succeeded in beating back the attempt of the US govt to put them in prison.

The web site, Popular Resistance, which he and Margaret Flowers created, fusing engagement in the information wars with anti-Empire activism, should be a model for many future efforts.

I know that Kevin felt he had found great love when he gained Margaret as a partner. This has been matched by the joy they both found in their work.

Would that we all could live a life as satisfying and significant as Kevin’s. I cannot help but shed some tears as I write this. He is missed already.Keep up the great work, Margaret.

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