Sunday, September 12 Webinar: “Nicaragua Advances, Despite Attacks from Left and Right”

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Nicaragua Advances, Despite Attacks from Left and Right


In the run-up to Nicaragua’s November elections, prominent left-wing figures and others are criticizing Daniel Ortega’s government.  Our September speakers will carefully examine claims of the critics.  John Perry asks what these detractors are calling for, and how this squares with what Nicaraguans want and need.  Becca Mohally Renk will discuss attacks on Nicaragua’s universal health care and its Covid response.  Under the neoliberal governments in Nicaragua, 1990-2006, health care was essentially privatized and patients actually died, untreated, in the street outside public hospitals. Since 2007, what healthcare advances have occurred under the Sandinista government, and how has Nicaragua handled the Covid-19 pandemic?

John Perry has lived and worked in Masaya, Nicaragua, for the past 18 years.  He writes about Nicaragua and Central America and has been published in a number of journals including NACLA, The Nation, London Review of Books, Counterpunch, Council for Hemispheric Affairs (COHA), The GrayzoneOpen Democracy, and Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR). 
Becca Mohally Renk has lived in Nicaragua for 20 years, working with the Jubilee House Community and its project, the Center for Development in Central America, in Ciudad Sandino, just outside of Managua.  She recently authored a NicaNotes about disinformation on Covid-19 cases.


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