A Year in Review: Racism, Repression and Fightback [EBOOK]

In honor of George Floyd, who was killed one year ago today by Minneapolis police.

In late May of 2020, a number of crises came to a head when the extrajudicial murder of George Floyd by a white Minneapolis police officer sparked the largest sustained mobilization in modern U.S. history. Against the backdrop of a devastating pandemic, economic recession and climate crisis disproportionately impacting Black and Indigenous people of color in the United States and abroad, an eruption in social unrest and outgrowth of transformative grassroots movement-building fortifIed by cross-racial, cross-generational, multi-ethnic solidarity has reignited public discourse about institutionalized racism and the need for systemic change.

It’s followed that this new wave of resistance has been met with violent and ruthless political repression: the hyper-criminalization of protests, the militarization of police forces, mass arrests and politically-motivated incarcerations, bolstered state surveillance, a rise in forced disappearances, a re-ignition of right-wing terrorism and paramilitary violence, and a spike in extrajudicial executions.

This ebook summarizes four areas of deepened political repression resulting in a new wave of human rights violations in the U.S. since the eruption of social unrest in late May of 2020:

● A spike in mass arrests and indefinite detentions
● A new wave of political prisoners
● A rise in forced disappearances and bolstered state surveillance
● A rise in extrajudicial executions and right-wing terrorism