A Year in Review: Racism, Repression and Fightback in the U.S. [EBOOK]

One year ago, George Floyd was murdered by Minneapolis police. What followed was the eruption of the largest uprising against racism and state violence in modern U.S. history.

Against the backdrop of a devastating pandemic, economic recession and climate crisis disproportionately impacting Black, Indigenous and Latine people of color in the United States, an eruption of social unrest and growth of a popular grassroots movement in defense of Black lives has been met with brutal racist and political repression.

For truth, memory and justice

This ebook documents human rights violations throughout a year of explosive political repression, the rise of a militant far-right and the perseverance of a growing popular movement for racial justice and Black liberation in the 21st century. We review the eruption of unrest and militarization of streets, the criminalization of protest bringing a new wave of political prisoners, bolstered state surveillance and counter-intelligence and a spike in state and far-right violence.

This report is part of a popular education initiative of Alliance for Global Justice

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