Join Our Webinar: US Intervention in Nicaragua’s Elections Since 1984

Join the Nicaragua Network in our Monthly Webinar Series:

This Sunday, July 18th: US Intervention in Nicaragua’s Elections since 1984

This webinar will cover the most blatant US intervention in each election. Speakers Chuck Kaufman and Nils McCune will address the US funding of the opposition; the RAIN United States Aid for International Development destabilization project; US sanctions and other recent US interference. This will be the day before the July 19 celebration.


Mark Your Calendar for August’s Webinar:

Sunday, August 22nd: What’s At Stake in Nicaragua’s 2021 Elections

Sofia Clark and Saul Arana will address why this is such an important election, why the US has spent so much money and effort to try to keep the Sandinistas from winning; why the new Electoral Council that oversees the process is the most progressive and diverse group ever seen in a nation. They will respond to questions about the elections.


These events are part of a monthly webinar series on Nicaragua.  Additional organizational sponsors are welcome. Contact to sign on.

Current sponsors:
Alliance for Global Justice

Casa Baltimore/Limay

Chicago ALBA Solidarity

IRTF Cleveland

Friends of Sandinista Nicaragua

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Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign

Task Force on the Americas

Council on Hemispheric Affairs

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